Get Your Chimney Ready for The Falling Leaves and Snow
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Get Your Chimney Ready for The Falling Leaves and Snow

Fall is in full swing and many of the trees in our area have already shed their leaves. By now, you’ve probably had to rake them up more than once or twice. And before you know it, winter is going to be here. Along with that will come snow and ice. What does this mean for your chimney? How can you get your chimney ready for leaves and snow?

Professional Chimney Inspection in Boscobel WISchedule an inspection

For both of those questions, the answer starts with scheduling an inspection. Your Chimney Specialists technician will visit your home and carefully inspect both the inside and outside of your chimney. This will help to give you peace of mind that there is nothing operationally wrong with your chimney and that it’s safe to use all season long. During the inspection, your technician will look for cracks, signs of water damage, and ensure that there are no obstructions within your flue.

Leaves lead to blockages

Among other things, such as creosote and animal nests, one of the most common types of blockages is leaves. Not only are these a potential source of a house fire, but if the blockage is substantial it can cause dangerous gasses and fumes to back up inside your home. While a sweep and inspection will remove the leaves that are present within your flue, you’ll need to take preventative steps to stop them from continuing to clog your system.

Inspect your damper

Snow is another concern for homeowners, and a functioning cap will also go a long way in keeping precipitation from building up within your damper. Of course, you’ll want to inspect your damper for signs of damage as well. You may live in an area with few trees, but a telltale sign that your cap is broken or missing is if there is snow buildup on top of your damper. Inspecting your damper by making sure it’s free of foreign contaminants as well as that it opens and closes properly is yet another way to prepare your chimney for the change of the seasons.

New Chimney Cap Installation in Fennimore WIInstall a cap

Your best line of defense against leaves (along with animals and other debris) is to have a working chimney cap. During the aforementioned inspection, your technician will make certain your existing cap is not broken.

If it is, or if it’s missing, this is why you’re dealing with leaf blockages within your flue. When you install a cap, it will also keep animals such as birds and rodents from building nests within your flue. It’s a two-for-one deal, getting your chimney ready for the onslaught of falling leaves while also keeping pests out.

Get your chimney ready for winter ASAP

Proactive maintenance is the key to ensuring your fireplace remains functional all year long. Your best bet to get your chimney ready for leaves and snow is to schedule an inspection ASAP.

Your technician will both clean your chimney and ensure everything works as it should. Ready to get started? Then contact Chimney Specialists, Inc at (608) 929-4887 or book your inspection online.

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