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Fireplaces that Help Keep Your Money from Going Up in Smoke

Older Fireplace Maintenance

Did you know it may cost you more than necessary to enjoy your wood-burning open masonry fireplace? If your fireplace was built or installed prior to 1992, when emission requirements changed, you can cut heating costs by switching to a new fireplace or fireplace insert. The change would also help to keep the environment cleaner. Below, learn more about clean-burning fireplaces and some of their benefits.

The Libby, Montana, Experiment

When the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) put demands on manufacturers to greatly reduce the amount of particulate matter released because of residential wood-burning fires, many wondered how much difference the new technologies were really making. The answer came as a result of a partnership with the EPA and the hearth industry. They teamed up to replace all 1,130 outdated wood-burning appliances in Libby, Montana. Each was replaced with an EPA-certified wood stove donated and installed by hearth companies.

For the three years prior to the changeout, Libby had failed to meet federal standards for state-validated air quality. Monitoring test data for three years after the new, efficient wood-burning appliances were installed revealed clear results. New technology does, indeed, make a significant difference in air pollution. Libby has passed EPA standards each year, and residents there have been breathing easier ever since the upgrades.

A Better Wood-Burning Fireplace

The efficiency ratings of open masonry fireplaces are dismal, with few reaching a rating as high as 10%. If you have a fireplace insert installed, your appliance will no longer send 90% of the heat up the chimney. Instead, between 75% and 85% of the heat produced goes to warm your home, making it possible for you to cut heating costs and keep more of your money. Many styles of wood-burning fireplace inserts are available. You are practically guaranteed to find a design that complements your home décor, whether rustic, traditional, modern, or sleek and elegant.

Gas Fireplace InsertGas Fireplace Insert

If there is a gas line to your home or one can be added and your fireplace is one that can be converted to gas, you can switch to an EPA-approved gas fireplace insert. The fact that it’s a modern fireplace ensures a high efficiency rating. Enjoying a warm, cozy fire is easier than ever and won’t harm the environment.

Direct-Vent Gas Fireplaces

You can add a direct-vent gas fireplace to your home for a convenient option in supplemental heating. Venting for a direct-vent fireplace can be routed directly through a nearby exterior wall. Because you can turn flames on and off with a switch, direct-vent gas fireplaces are ideal for zone-heating. Have a direct-vent gas fireplace installed in bedrooms, bathrooms, the kitchen, and the living room. Turn off central heating and use your gas fireplace in whichever room you’re in and watch your savings add up.

An Energy-Efficient Electric Fireplace

Introducing the charming ambiance of a fireplace into your home is easiest of all with an electric fireplace. The cost to heat a room in your home with an electric fireplace is approximately $.03 pennies per hour. Simply plug it in and enjoy the faux flames and the warmth the electric fireplace provides. In summertime, you can switch off the heat portion and enjoy the ambiance while your room stays comfortably cool.

Contact Chimney Specialists, Inc.

The fireplace and chimney experts at Chimney Specialists, Inc., are ready to help you pick out an efficient EPA-approved replacement to your outdated, inefficient fireplace. Contact us today to learn more about top-brand fireplaces and to schedule expert installation. You’ll have greater peace of mind knowing your appliance is safe to use and won’t be sending your money up in smoke every winter.

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