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4 Questions to Ask Your Fireplace Installer

nice new fireplace installations madison wiYou’ve finally decided it’s time for a fireplace.  You know what kind you want, you know where it’s going to go in the home, and you know your expectations for years of performance and enjoyment of your appliance.  Now you need to know a little about who’s going to install it.  Here are four questions to ask a potential installer.

1. Are you licensed and qualified to perform this work?

Professional licensing is an important credential in selecting a fireplace installer.  You’ll also want to make sure the person or firm is bonded and insured so that you’re taken care of in the event of damage or injury during the installation process.

Licensing in itself, however, doesn’t guarantee an excellent job.  When considering installers, ask them for references from past customers and follow up.  Also ask friends and associates if they’ve had experience with your candidate(s).  Reputation means a lot, so don’t overlook it.

2. Do you sell the fireplaces you install?

A good technician doesn’t necessarily have to have a retail showroom, but those who do (or work for a company that does) often are more familiar with styles, models and industry trends.  If your candidate does have a storefront, visit it and get to know the people who work there.  See what kind of “vibe” you get and decide if these are the type of people you want standing behind an important piece of work in your home.

3. Will subcontractors be involved?

You want to know who will be working on your fireplace installation, because you need to know “where the buck stops.”  If your installer brings in other contractors to do the job, make sure those contractors are licensed, bonded and insured like the installer.  Also confirm who is responsible for the overall job in case there are problems.  Ideally the installer should be your primary point of contact and maintain overall responsibility.

4. Do you provide service for the products you install?

madison wi new fireplace installAn installer who doesn’t do regular maintenance may not be the ideal tech to put in your new fireplace.  Installers who perform the initial work and then are available for routine service calls often are more closely related to and knowledgeable about their products.  Even better is the installer who works for a company that also sells the products.  This way you know you’re covered on all bases now and in the future.

Fireplace installation is not a job for the novice or “weekend do-it-yourselfer.”  A lot of knowledge is required in order to install a new fireplace safely and in a way that will ensure proper operation for years to come.  This is why these four questions are a good place to start in finding the right fireplace installer.

If you’re thinking of having a new fireplace installed, count on the experts at Chimney Specialists of Highland, Wis., to help with the entire process – from shopping and selection to professional installation and regular maintenance.  We have the answers you’re looking for at (608) 929-4887.  Stop in and visit our showroom at 869 Main St.

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