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Commercial chimney repairs, relining, restoration and construction are jobs that Chimney Specialists of Highland, WI is well equipped to do. We also can clean chimneys of the larger industrial variety too. In fact for many years we held the record for the biggest cast-place chimney liner installed in the U.S.

Schools, churches, municipal and government offices depend on us our chimney services. We were one of the chimney contractors selected to restore the fireplaces and chimneys at the Governor's mansion in Madison recently.

When it comes to large masonry chimney's we advise that the AHRENS Chimney Lining system be used. The AHRENS liner is a cast-in-place solution that is poured into the chimney adding strength while it fills any deteriorating mortar joints, cracks or deficiencies in the structure. These liners provide insulation and control moisture issues caused by condensation. Insulation values keep the temps inside the flue higher which reduces condensation while reducing heat loss to the outside of the chimney. An AHRENS Chimney Liner will meet the needs of most commercial, industrial or institutional chimney relining needs.

For safety's sake and according to building codes anything that is combustible like framing inside the building or just below the roof line needs to be at least 2 inches from the chimney.

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Many older masonry chimneys did not meet these requirements and actually had the chimney in direct contact with wood and other materials that could catch on fire from the extreme heat or sparks escaping through a deteriorating chimney. AHRENS chimney lining systems are U.L. tested to bring these "zero clearance to combustibles" situations into compliance and protect your structure from a possible catastrophic event.

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All across Southwest Wisconsin, Northwest Illinois and Northeast Iowa larger chimney owners trust
Chimney Specialists Inc. to inspect and remedy chimney problems reducing liability and increasing peace of mind for commercial, industrial and governmental entities. Let us tackle your "big chimney" jobs. Contact us today.

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