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Did you know that an open burning wood fireplace only has an efficiency of about 5 or 10 percent? On a cold day a fireplace will actually remove more energy from your home than it will contribute to it. Picture a campfire in your living room with an 8 or 10 inch hole in the roof! The majority of the heat is lost straight up the chimney. By upgrading with a wood burning fireplace insert, you can increase the efficiency of that old fireplace by up to 70 percent! The beauty of a traditional wood burning fire is indisputable, but the ineffectiveness is a major problem. Get the best of
both worlds with a beautiful and highly efficient wood burning fireplace insert.

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With home heating costs consistently on the rise, wood burning appliances
are growing in popularity. Fireplace inserts can provide supplemental heat at a
lower cost than other fuels. For a cozy and comfortable home all winter long,
a wood burning fireplace insert is the perfect solution for you.

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Come to our showroom in Highland, Wisconsin to see how the inserts operate in person and to have your questions answered by our professional staff. We can help you evaluate and understand the equipment to find a system that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. Our nationally certified installers will insure the insert will look good and provide lots of heat!

At Chimney Specialists, we have a large selection of modern and traditional inserts that will fit with many different fireplace sizes. With the fire contained in the insert, the homeowner has complete control over the heat produced by the system. The ability to change the amount of air given to
the fire, the variable speed fans and the tightly sealed ceramic glass doors allows for a more efficient and controlled fire.

While many homeowners appreciate the beauty of their old fireplace, the system is often left unused throughout the winter. But with and easy to use wood burning insert, the wonderful heat will provide a cozy ambiance with the added benefit of an inexpensive heat source. So turn down the wall thermostat and crank up the heat in your home the natural way, with an efficient, crackling wood fire!

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Current wood burning models have unparalleled efficiency. The technology improvements have made these appliances highly effective at heating your home. Made with either cast iron or steel, these inserts are designed to efficiently burn wood and provide your home with the majority of that heat. A wood burning insert is basically a stove without legs, that is slid into (or inserted) into an existing wood burning fireplace. The chimney will be relined with a six inch stainless steel pipe. Decorative surround panels are used to finish closing up the rest of the fireplace opening. An insert will provide significantly more heat by using less wood and considerably less emissions are put into the air because of the secondary burn tubes in the insert. These secondary burn tubes in the insert provide extremely hot air that mixes with the smoke and burns the by-products of combustion before what little smoke is left exits the chimney.

Our impressive showroom contains over 40 installed appliances
to help our customers make an informed decision. For a wood burning fireplace insert,
visit Chimney Specialists Inc. in Highland Wisconsin!

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