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Pellet Burning Stoves

The Green Alternative to Home Heating!

Pellet stoves and inserts offer all the benefits of wood heating with a fuel that’s clean, compact and easy to use. Visit our showrooms in Highland, WI to see a wide selection of pellet stoves, accessories and pellet fuel. Our customers come from Madison to Dubuque and across southwest Wisconsin, northwest Illinois and northeast Iowa. Pellets are safe for the environment, a renewable resource and are made from all natural wood by-products. Clean burning and efficiencies of 80% or more make pellet stoves a terrific option for reducing your heating bills! Stop at showroom and talk to one of our experienced professionals and check out our pellet stoves in action!

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When you buy a pellet stove or insert from Chimney Specialists in Highland, Wisconsin we would like to thank you by offering you the benefits of our Pellet Club!

You pay what we pay. NO markup!

Lock in your heating costs before the heating season begins! - Save $75 per ton of pellets! - FREE membership with pellet appliance purchase from the Chimney Specialists Inc.

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How Pellet Appliances Work

Pellet stoves operate by delivering pellets from a storage bin or hopper to a stainless steel burn pot. How quickly the pellets are moved to the burn pot, or the burn rate, is controlled by a circuit board inside the stove. The system uses a fan that moves the by-products of combustion through the vent system and another that pushes the heat into the room. The warm air from the heat exchange tubes is sent into the room, providing sustainable warmth to your home. Pellets come packaged in easy to handle 40 pound bags that can be purchased at Chimney Specialists Inc.

Most pellets are made from wood. They are created by compacting recycled wood like wood shavings, saw dust and scraps to make a clean form of energy from materials that would otherwise end up in the landfills. To create uniform pellets, materials are put through an extrusion process that is under intense pressure. Moisture content is reduced to about 6% - 8%. Pellets are about the diameter of a pencil and roughly an inch or so long. Most stoves operate at efficiencies great than 80%.

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Grade Of Pellets For Stoves

There are two different grades of pellets available. Most pellets are considered "premium grade". The remainder qualify as "standard grade". Avoid burning standard grade pellets in your stove. There can be significant ash from the bark and other less desireable additives in the fuel that can ultimately clog your stove. Even within the premium grade, there can be much disparity between pellet manufacturers. Pellets can contain hard woods or soft wood, bark and other additives. When choosing a pellet, try to stick with pellets that are lighter in color. These will usually contain less bark than dark colored ones. Some pellet stoves handle lower grade pellets better than others. Pellet stoves use a sustainable heat source that will help the environment and help you save money on your heating costs. Stop at our store to speak with one of our professional staff members about the best type of pellet insert, stove or pellets for your needs. Our staff is always ready and willing to answer any questions you may have.

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