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Annual chimney cleaning by a qualified chimney sweep is a must to maintain safe operation of your wood burning fireplace, wood or pellet stove, wood burning insert or your wood burning furnace or boiler. Our nationally certified chimney sweeps will inspect the chimney, connector pipes, chimney chase cover and cap during a chimney cleaning to make sure no other deficiencies exist in your system.

Chimney Specialists Inc. services a wide area from Madison WI to Dubuque IA and beyond, covering Southwest Wisconsin, Northeast Iowa and Northwest Illinois. Many of our chimney cleaning customers have purchased their stove, fireplace or fireplace insert from us and we follow through with complete service and maintenance as needed.

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Chimney Sweeping Cleaning Wisconsin

According to the National fire Protection Association (NFPA), for safe and efficient operation your chimney should be evaluated and cleaned annually by a certified professional. We recommend you select a chimney and fireplace expert that has passed the ‘gold standard’ for certifications from the National Fireplace Institute (NFI). We require our professional staff to pass these rigorous examinations to demonstrate their knowledge of not only chimney technology but also proper installation of gas burning, wood burning and pellet burning appliances.  We put high value on continuing education and work hard to remain knowledgeable professionals in the industry. In addition to annual evaluations and cleaning, our sweep services may include internal chimney video evaluations, installation of chimney caps, fireplace dampers and inspection for damage after chimney fires.

To prevent costly problems from occurring have your chimney examined by a qualified specialist as a regular part of your home maintenance. An annual chimney evaluation and cleaning normally takes less than two hours.  During this process our technicians take care to complete their job and to keep your home clean and soot-free. Our chimney professionals cover the surrounding areas with drop cloths and use a vacuum to control dust during and after the process to ensure the room is kept clean.

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At Chimney Specialists, we follow the three levels of chimney evaluation specified by the National fire Protection Association (NFPA).

Level 1 is used for routine chimney cleaning. This is appropriate when no structural or other changes have been made and is primarily used to ensure the chimney and flue is in proper working condition and without obstruction or dangerous creosote deposits. A level one evaluation is typically performed along with the annual chimney cleaning.

Level 2 is required for real estate transactions or if one of the following applies: a different type of heating appliance has been installed or if a significant change has been made to the chimney system; for example: changes may include relining or converting to a different type of fuel etcetera. This more in-depth evaluation is to ensure that changes were implemented correctly.  A level 2 evaluation may also include a video scan of the chimney system. 

Level 3 is only done when signs of a concealed problem exist or to forensically determine the cause of a fire. It is the most extensive and may include demolition of walls or structural members. This inspection incorporates the first two inspection levels

With our comprehensive chimney inspection and cleaning services,
you can start the burning season without a worry. Contact us to have your chimney
professionally evaluated before each heating season. Preventative and routine maintenance
of your chimney system can help avoid costly repairs in the future.

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