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If you live in Middleton, Wis., you probably see the Chimney Specialist service trucks traveling along U.S. 14 or down University Ave.  If so, you know we’re heading out to another service call that might entail a chimney inspection or cleaning, repair work or the installation of a new fireplace or stove.  From our base in Highland, WI, we visit our customers in Middleton and Mount Horeb, Dodgeville, Mineral Point, Wilson and Monroe as well.

Middleton Wi install fireplaces and stoves

Wood - Gas - Pellet Stoves in Middleton WI

Fireplace and stove sales

Whatever your heating needs may be, we have the right appliance for you.  We specialize in new gas, wood and electric fireplaces as well as gas, wood and pellet stoves.  Today’s fireplaces perform at up to 85 percent efficiency, quite a jump from the 10 percent rating of a traditional masonry fireplace.  And modern stoves perform as well or better.  Whatever your fuel preference or performance needs, Chimney Specialists is ready to help folks in Middleton find the perfect unit.

Fireplace Insert Sales and Installation in Middleton WI

Fireplace Inserts

A fireplace insert is a pre-made unit that fits inside an existing masonry or factory-built fireplace.  They operate at very high efficiency and can be installed in less than a day in homes throughout the Middleton area.  Inserts reduce home-heating costs and provide a beautiful accent to any room.

Outdoor Wood Boilers Middleton WI

Outdoor Boilers

We carry outdoor boilers in both traditional and high-efficiency models.  These appliances are perfect for heating garages, barns, workshops and houses.  They burn very clean and produce low emissions.  You can learn more about these units by visiting our main store in Highland, Wis.

Middleton WI Chimney Installations


Our nationally certified, expert installation technicians install everything we sell, from fireplaces and inserts to stoves and furnaces.  For this reason, you know the work is being done by someone who truly understands your new appliance.  But it doesn’t stop at simple installation: we can perform the necessary remodeling work in order to place your unit virtually anywhere in the home.  Just looking for a spruce-up to an existing hearth area?  We do that, too!

wisconsin chimney cleaning Middleton WI

Inspection and cleaning

Over time, any home-heating appliance will begin to wear and show signs of damage.  Our qualified inspectors will perform a thorough assessment of your system and determine if repairs or replacement parts are necessary for safe operation.  We also provide complete chimney sweep services from Highland to Middleton and beyond.  All fire safety organizations encourage homeowners to have their chimneys cleaned once a year.  We’ll remove the flammable creosote buildup as well as any obstructions that may have found their way into your chimney.

Middleton WI Chimney Repairs

Chimney repair services

Whatever is ailing your chimney, we can fix it.  We perform repair and rebuilds of masonry, chimney liners, chimney caps, chase tops, flashing, dampers and more.  Repair follows inspection, at which time we determine specifically what is wrong and what will be needed to remedy it.

Have you been putting off a thorough inspection and cleaning of your fireplace system in Middleton?  Have you been seriously thinking of a new stove or fireplace insert?  We can meet all of these needs and more.  Visit Chimney Specialists at 869 Main St. in Highland, WI, or give us a call at (608) 929-4887.

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