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Gas Burning Stoves

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Free-standing gas stoves provide a beautiful, irresistibly convenient, easy to operate heating system.  Exploring our three showrooms is worth the drive from Madison, Dubuque, Northwest Illinois, Northeast Iowa and Southwest Wisconsin.  At our store, you will be able to see many working burning displays and other features of these appliances.  Easy operation and extremely convenient, gas stoves are as beautiful as they are functional. Gas appliances are clean, convenient and offer an instant, realistic-looking fire without cutting, hauling, splitting and stacking wood.  Plus, there are no ashes to deal with!  There are cast iron, stone and steel stoves.  A free-standing gas stove can be direct vented through an exterior wall or through the roof.  And if space is at a premium, most direct vented gas stoves only require about 3 - 4 square feet of space to install!

Gas stoves provide a convenient and efficient option to zone heating your home.  Why heat the entire home when most people spend the majority of their time in two or three rooms?  The heat from a gas stove is easy to control. Manual adjustments or a multi-function remote control will adjust the amount of gas that is used or the fan speed.  Want to maintain a temperature in a certain area?  How about installing the gas stove with a wall mounted thermostat?  Gas fires burn clean, without the ash from wood fires.  No time on weekends is spent gathering a wood supply.  Efficiencies of 80+% are common.  These convenience factors add a great deal to the value of a gas stove.  A gas stove will also add value to your home.

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Direct Vent Wood Stoves

Direct vent stoves are the most popular type of stove today. A direct vented stove uses a sealed combustion system and a co-axial vent pipe, that is a four inch pipe inside a larger 7" pipe. No air from inside the house is used for combustion. The by-products of combustion leave the appliance on the smaller inside pipe and air for combustion is brought into the unit via the larger pipe. Direct vent appliances can be horizontally vented through a sidewall in your home or vertically through the ceiling and roof. This versatility and flexibility with installations have made direct vented appliances very popular. The realistic looking flames and glowing embers of a gas fire are extremely impressive.

Properly installed and set-up, a direct vent stove should not need much maintenance. We have many customers however, that annually have our service technicians inspect the appliance, clean the inside of the glass and generally check out the system to insure everything is operating correctly. For a reliable and beautiful heat source for your home, check out our showrooms and choose your favorite direct-vent stove or fireplace for your home.

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