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chimney repair chimney rebuilding in iowa, wisconsin, illinoisMaintaining your chimney and keeping it in good condition is critical for safe burning. Routine and regular maintenance and cleaning is an integral part of our chimney services. All chimneys, regardless of age, could have defects that are not visible.

Masonry experts on staff can perform any and all types of chimney maintenance, chimney restoration or chimney rebuilding that you may need. From Madison WI to Dubuque IA and beyond, our crews and repair technicians cover all of Southwest Wisconsin, Northeast Iowa and Northwest Illinois.

Potentially dangerous situations such as cracked or broken clay flue tiles, improper clearances to combustibles, or many other problems could go undetected by the untrained eye. A properly functioning chimney liner is critical to the safe use of your fireplace, stove, furnace or boiler. If your chimney is not lined, or if you’re noticing missing or crumbled mortar, loose or chipping brick, staining, cracks or if you’re having recurring headaches during the heating season, call us today for a chimney inspection.

Your chimney may appear to be in fine condition on the outside. But that could be part of the problem. Many chimneys that look fine on the outside are seriously deteriorated on the inside. The acidic nature of the by-products from the combustion process can deteriorate liners from the inside out. This can lead to a serious fire hazard, a dangerous flue blockage or even result in carbon monoxide poisoning. The worst part is that by the time the problems become apparent from the outside, the structural damage is likely severe on the inside. Fortunately, with our chimney repair specialists and masonry pros, the problem of a deteriorating chimney flue can many times be corrected without completely tearing down and rebuilding your chimney.

Whether gas, oil, pellets or wood fuel is used to heat your home, every chimney must have an approved liner that is in good condition and that is adequate for the appliance that it is connected to. Chimney liners can be made from clay tiles, aluminum, stainless steel or cast-in-place materials depending on the individual situation. Cracks or holes in a liner could by a potentially dangerous situation. Annual inspections are a must to stay on top of any deficiencies in chimney liners.

Our reputation has been built on excellence in customer service, technical knowledge and quality work in masonry chimneys, stainless steel and cerama-flue chimneys, and aluminum, stainless steel and cast in place re-lining systems too.

leaking chimney repair in Boscobel WI

Fennimore WI masonry repair

leaking chimney repair in Boscobel WI

Chimney Specialists Inc. in Highland was selected from 5 contractors in the
State of Wisconsin to restore five historic fireplaces in the Governor’s Mansion in Madison.
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