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replace chimney chase and chimney cap wisconsinA chimney chase top is the metal covering used for a wood-framed chimney chase. Chase tops are only found on chimneys structures (chases) connected to factory-built fireplaces. The “chase" is a wood framed structure that contains the double walled chimney pipe used with manufactured fireplaces. These structures can be covered with siding to match the home, stone or brick facing. Resembling the lid of shoebox, these covers are generally standard with pre-fabricated fireplaces and are found on a number of modern builds. Since these particular chimney tops are usually crafted with cheap galvanized sheet metal, they often rust quickly and will need replaced every 7 to 10 years.

Galvanized Chase Covers

Galvanized chase covers will last about 8 to 10 years. Near the end of their life, the condition of your chase cover can cause serious damage . The rusting of the galvanized top will discolor the sides of the chimney chase. With the rust also comes the deterioration of the cover itself. This often leads to the middle of the cover sinking a bit and accumulating water, leaves and other debris. The rust and additional stress on this cover causes the top to weaken. Cracks and holes can develop that allows for water to seep into the structure. This can cause damage such as rotting any wood framing, severe rusting and deterioration in the firebox, carbon monoxide leakage, mold, and other structural damages including damage to the sheet rock and finishing materials.

If you have a zero clearance fireplace with a pre-fabricated chimney, it may have come with galvanized chase cover. These covers can rust quickly. Don't wait to replace these protective covers that if deteriorated can result in serious damage to your chimney system.

Chase covers are made from various metals, each with varying degrees of durability. Galvanized, stainless steel and even copper are the materials of choice.

Chimney caps to cover the flue opening at the top of the chimney are also a key component of your chimney system to protect against debris and water from entering the top of the chimney. They also prevent small animals and birds from making a home in your chimney!

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