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Chimney Sweeps, Inspections & Repairs

Since 1977, we have successfully completed thousands of types of chimney services and repairs. The expert chimney sweeps at Chimney Specialists arrive on time and get the work done as quickly as possible with as little disruption to your routine as possible. Our sweeps always clean up after themselves.


At Chimney Specialists, our experienced National Fireplace Institute (NFI) professional technicians provide full-service installation, maintenance and repair of all fireplaces, stoves and insert.

Our chimney cleaning, inspection and maintenance crews serve a wide area from Madison, WI to Dubuque, IA and all of southwest Wisconsin, northeast Iowa and northwest Illinois.

Chimney Inspections and Cleanings

It is recommended that chimneys, inserts, and stoves receive annual inspections before the start of the burning season each year. These inspections and cleanings are critical in maintaining a safe and properly functioning appliance.  Chimney cleanings and inspections check the interior and exterior of the chimney for areas of concern.  Our NFI Certifiedexperts are specially trained to notice areas that can easily be missed by an untrained eye.  These cleanings will remove dangerous creosote deposits, check for damaged for missing chimney caps and chase covers, look for any structural damage and ensure the entire chimney system is in good working condition. We also conduct video inspections when necessary to better examine the interior liner and other elements of the chimney to ensure the entire system, from the inside out, is in good condition before operation.  Call to learn more about our video inspection service.

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Chimney Repairs & Rebuilding

At Chimney Specialists, our chimney experts are prepared and experienced with every type of chimney repair.  Our chimney technicians can handle anything from a cap or crown replacement to a major chimney rebuild for a historical restoration.  Our company has won numerous awards for our outstanding chimney repair services. Chimneys can deteriorate from the inside, out.  So although a chimney looks fine on the outside, it could contain major issues on the inside.  Chimneys that are used without a chimney liner will begin to deteriorate on the inside which, left unchecked, will ultimately end up requiring major reconstruction.  At Chimney Specialists Inc. we have the skills and experience to repair even these internally deteriorated chimneys without tearing the structure down.  Chimney Specialists is an authorized dealer of the AHRENS's Chimney Technique.  This relining system is the best method for relining and restoring deteriorated masonry chimneys. Our experienced chimney technicians have won numerous awards for their restoration and relining skills.

Chimney Liners / Chimney Relining

Every chimney must have a chimney flue liner regardless of the fuel type. Gas, oil, wood or coal, all chimney systems must have a proper liner to ensure safe burning.  A chimney liner is necessary for the system to vent properly and remove the carbon monoxide and other by-products of combustion from your home and protect the walls of the chimney.

For masonry chimneys, Chimney Specialists Inc. can inspect your flue and determine the best course of action. A new stainless steel liner may be needed to protect your home and family.

No matter what type of liner your chimney has, the important part is that the liner is working and is in good condition.

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Chimney Caps & Chase CoversChimney crown install and chimney repair service in madison wi

Chimney chase covers, crowns and caps are important protective parts of the chimney that shield from water, debris and animal intrusions. Since these components are constantly subjected to the outdoor elements and are often neglected many problems can arise if they are not kept in good repair.

Our professional and experienced professionals can insure they maintain their integrity and  functionality.

We are on standby to help with all of your chimney needs, give us a call at (608) 929-4887 or feel free to fill out our online contact form and an expert team member will promptly reach out to you!

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