Chimney Damage and Your Homeowner's Insurance - Will It Be Covered?
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Will Homeowner’s Insurance Pay for Your Chimney Damage?

Homeowner’s insurance gives you protection in a variety of situations by paying for damage and getting things back to normal. Your chimney likely is included in your homeowner’s coverage – but not in every scenario.

Chimney Specialists of Highland, WI, resolves many types of chimney damage that gets paid for by our customers’ homeowner’s policies as well as damage that isn’t covered. Here are some things you should know.

Homeowners Insurance Chimney Rebuild, Richland Center WI

Homeowner’s Insurance Covers the Unexpected

In insurance language, “unexpected” generally means something you couldn’t have had reasonable control over. Homeowner’s insurance policies normally cover damage from unexpected events such as:

  • Chimney fires
  • Lightning
  • Earthquakes
  • Trees and branches falling
  • Strong winds
  • Hail storms

and similar events.

Chimney Damage That Could Have Been Prevented

Insurance carriers are unlikely to cover chimney damage that’s the result of neglect or improper maintenance. They consider this eventuality expected because the right work wasn’t done at the right time.

For example, a chimney that has decayed and fallen apart over the years could have been saved were the homeowner to have had the structure inspected, cleaned and repaired on a regular basis.

A common reason for chimney damage is infiltrating water, which erodes bricks and rusts metal components. Although progressive water damage may not be something you consider “expected,” your homeowner’s insurance policy thinks differently and sees it as expected and inevitable.

If you’re not sure exactly what your provider will cover, review your policy closely and call your rep if you’re still not certain.

The Importance of Chimney Repair

When your chimney isn’t functioning correctly, it’s important that it gets repaired – no matter who ends up paying for it. Early signs of damage and malfunction can be spotted with annual chimney inspections. Doing the needed repairs and yearly chimney sweep services will keep it in good shape season after  season.

Chimney Specialists provides experienced chimney repair services throughout the Highland, WI, region. We’re a licensed and insured company and bring years of experience in all types of chimney repair and modification work to every job. You can count on us to do it right the first time.


Getting a Quote

Homeowners Insurance for Chimney Damage, fennimore, wi

If you have chimney damage that your homeowner’s policy covers, your carrier will probably want you to secure several estimates. Our team is happy to take a close look at the situation and give you a written quote to pass on to your insurance company.

We’re also happy to pay a visit to give you a second opinion on work outlined by another chimney company if you feel the outline may include more work than necessary or if the estimate seems higher than it should be. We regularly supply quotes and second opinions to Highland-area residents.

A Job Done Right

The bottom line in chimney repair is getting the right solutions for the problem at hand. That’s our focus on every chimney repair, cleaning and inspection job we perform.

Chimney Specialists serves the entire tri-state area of Southwest Wisconsin, North Illinois and East Iowa. Give us a call at (608) 929-4887 and speak with a chimney expert who can help you with your insurance-claim repairs or any other repair work.

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