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Chimney Damage, Homeowner’s Insurance & Second Opinions

If your chimney is damaged and it’s going to be covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy, you’ll probably be required to get several estimates for the work. Those estimates serve as second (or third) opinions and are especially critical when the chimney repair project appears to be extensive.

Chimney Specialists of Highland, WI, regularly provides no-cost, no-obligation estimates and second opinions to homeowners, whether or not their chimney damage is covered by insurance. It’s important to receive this input, and here’s why.

masonry repair second opinions, Fennimore WI

Benefits of Second Opinions

No two chimney companies think exactly the same way. And not all chimney repair technicians have the years of experience to accurately estimate the scope of a damaged chimney and know exactly what tasks will be needed to solve the problem.

Receiving a single quote/estimate for chimney repair gives you nothing to go on. You have a dollar amount, but nothing to compare it to. We are always available to evaluate issues with your chimney and give you an honest appraisal based on our years of hands-on chimney repair and maintenance experience.

As noted, homeowner’s insurance carriers will want you to secure several estimates for work they’ll be paying for. But second opinions and additional estimates should be routine any time your chimney is in need of repair.

We Know Your Chimney

We’ll give you a detailed second opinion and estimate for any type of chimney repair work, and if you hire us, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your chimney was worked on by trained technicians who care about you and take pride in their work.

Our chimney repair services include:

  • Masonry repair/brick repair/tuckpointing
  • Chimney rebuilding
  • Chimney crown repair/rebuilding
  • Flue liner installation/repair
  • Smoke chamber parging
  • Chimney cap repair/replacement
  • Leaky chimney/water damage repair
  • Chimney flashing repair/replacement

and much more.

Your Chimney’s Health Is too Important to Risk

It’s not our desire to be critical of other chimney service providers, but you can never be too cautious when arranging for repairs such as those outlined above. You also want to watch your expenses, and it’s a known fact that chimney companies often give very different estimates for the work they propose to do.

second opinion on chimney damage, platteville WI

When seeking estimates for and evaluation of work needed for your chimney, you should only consider reputable chimney companies that are licensed and insured. Never hire a “handyman” or general remodeling company to do intricate chimney work.

You’ll save yourself money and take a big step toward safety for your chimney, home and family if you only consult with experienced technicians for both insurance estimates and estimates for work you’ll be paying for.

Go with the Second Opinion Experts

Chimney Specialists has been helping our Highland, WI, neighbors since 1977 with accurate second opinions on chimney repair work. In that time, we’ve seen just about everything there is to see, and we have the systems, tools and skills to fix any type of chimney problem.

We proudly serve the entire tri-state area of Southwest Wisconsin, North Illinois and East Iowa with the very best in chimney repair, chimney sweeping and complete chimney inspections. Learn more about our insurance chimney estimates and second opinions and our work outside the scope of insurance coverage by calling
(608) 929-4887.

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