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Gas Burning Fireplaces

With a gas fireplace, you will enjoy the look, the feeling and the convenience of a warm and cozy fire without the effort of cutting, splitting, stacking and maintaining a wood-burning fire. These gas fueled appliances are exceptionally convenient for the homeowner, while also providing a clean and efficient fire that requires little upkeep and maintenance. There are also a number of additional features and options to consider. The benefits of a multi-function remote controls and the impressive looking flames all make a gas fireplace a valuable choice for your home.

We have several gas fireplaces in our three-room showroom, conveniently located in Highland, Wisconsin.  We are just an hour or so from Madison or Dubuque and close to anywhere in Southwest Wisconsin, Northeast Iowa or Northwest Illinois.  Our showrooms have 40 models of fireplaces, stoves and inserts and we have more than 20 working, burning appliances. Our National Fireplace certified experts eagerly await your questions!

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One of the benefits of a gas fireplace are the multi function remote controls available on many models. Control the fan speed, the flame height and the accent lights while maintaining a comfortable room temperature with a small hand held remote control. Many of our models also include blower fans, remote controls, ceramic glass, screens and wall switches as standard equipment. Come check out our three-room showroom to test out the features and to see equipment you will not see anywhere else.

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Limited space, no problem! We have models that are designed to fit into tight quarters and we have models with huge viewing areas of the fire. Decorative fronts in nickel, copper, brass with or without screen doors will create that perfect look for your lifestyle.

Come visit our showrooms at Chimney Specialists Inc. to see all types of gas fireplaces and gas inserts – whether you want an elegant, modern, rustic or traditional gas fireplace, we have options to meet all of your design needs. The new Inspiration Series from Ambiance Fireplaces has many great features.

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