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Wood Burning Cook Stoves

wood burning and gas cook stoves by hearthstone in wisconsin madison area

Beautiful Old Fashioned Cook Stoves

You have undoubtable seen the beautifully crafted wood burning stoves that are available today that combine the look of yesteryear with the function, utility and efficiency of a modern appliance. At our showrooms you can see our stoves and talk to our experienced staff about the features and varieties available.

Who can forget the smell of cookies baking in the oven or cinnamon bread rising in the warming oven?  Grandma always said that nothing tastes better than food prepared in her wood-burning cook stove!  And, was she ever right!  The flavor is truly unforgettable.  Meals are cooked to perfection every time.

hearthstone cooking stove

Today’s modern wood-burning cook stoves will not only cook your meals, but will heat your home and warm your hot water too! Today's models offer the same dependability, comfort and tremendous versatility, but some important changes and upgrades will make your life easier than it was for your ancestors.

Durable cast iron surfaces are easy to clean and efficient in transferring heat. Performance is more consistent because of efficient heat transfer from all sides. The porcelain finish and nickel and chrome details are stunning. User friendly controls are designed into every model.

Operating the oven and stove while maintaining a precise cooking temperature is much easier today than with yesterday’s models.  To heat hot water, some models offer an optional copper water reservoir with a tap.  A water reservoir can provide humidity for your home, too.  Another option is a hot water jacket that can boil up to 40 gallons of water in an hour with the stove running at full operation.

We have wood-burning cook stoves large enough to cook a 20 pound turkey or a couple batches of cookies with ease.  One model will heat up to 1800 square feet of space.  Stay comfortable (and well fed!) if a snow or ice storm or accident interrupts your electrical service.  However, be prepared to spend considerably more time with neighbors and family members until power is restored!

Is a wood cookstove in your plans? These days are the “good old days” . . . only better.
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