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Pellet Fireplace Inserts

pellet fireplace inserts in wisconsin by lopi near madison wi

Rejuvenate your old fireplace and turn it into a heating appliance that is easy to use and burns natural materials efficiently.

Efficient Heating

As the name suggests, these inserts fit directly into an existing fireplace and turn it into an efficient appliance that doesn’t allow the heat to escape out through the chimney. Instead, the heat circulates it back through your home with a convection blower.

To understand how these pellet inserts work in person, visit our showrooms located in Highland, Wisconsin and join our many customers from all across southwest Wisconsin, northwest Illinois and northeast Iowa. We have many working models in the showroom and also carry pellets and a full line of accessories.

Best Styles and Features

Our pellet inserts come in different styles, colors and sizes. We have inserts that will enhance any interior design scheme. Our lines of pellet inserts also include options that can be regulated by a simple thermostat or remote control. These inserts are easy to operate and control the heat. They will automatically turn on and off to maintain a steady temperature in your home. These pellets also burn with efficiencies of 80 percent or more! Fill the hopper with pellets and enjoy many long hours before refilling. The reliability and performance is astounding!

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Another benefit of a pellet insert is the exclusive membership to the Chimney Specialists Inc. Pellet Club!  We would like to thank our pellet insert customers with a free membership to our Pellet Club that entitles them to pellets purchased from our store for at cost. You pay what we pay. NO markup!

Club members pay about $75 less per ton of pellets purchased than retail prices.  Now you can lock in your heating costs before the season!

Environment Friendly Option

Most pellets are made from recycled wood shavings, chips and pieces that would otherwise have ended up in the landfills. The recycled materials are then compressed and moisture is removed to create a uniform and consistent fuel. Without the moisture, this wood product burns hotter and cleaner than regular firewood and creates a more efficient heat source for your home. Furthermore, pellets come in bags that are easy to stack and store. That will help making preparations for the winter a bit easier! Help our environment while you heat your home and keep your family warm!

If you live in Dodgeville WI / Mineral Point, WI or surrounding areas, we would love to help you find the perfect pellet fireplace insert for you!

Give us a call at (608) 929-4887 or feel free to fill out our online contact form and an expert team member will promptly reach out to you!


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