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Wood Burning Stoves

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Lower Your Heating Bills

Today’s E.P.A. certified wood burning stoves provide great performance and a look and feel that is unsurpassed. These free-standing wood burning stoves create wonderful radiant heat and meet strict environmentally standards. What a terrific option for lowering your heating bills and keeping your family warm and cozy! Equipment for zone heating one room or a large appliance capable of heating 2500 square feet of space, a wood burning stove will be the focal point where lasting family memories are made. Come visit us to see how this equipment will fit into your home. We can help you evaluate and understand these appliances and help you make the perfect selection for your needs.

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You will enjoy the scenic drive to our fireplace store from Madison, Dubuque or anywhere in Northeast Iowa, Northwest Illinois or Southwest Wisconsin. Browse our three showrooms where we have over 40 stoves, fireplaces and inserts on display.

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Today's modern stove designs, high efficiency and low emissions, have made these appliances a popular choice among homeowners. These units are a perfect to zone-heat any room. Why heat the entire house when most people spend most of their time in only two or three rooms?

Most stoves today use a re-burn system that uses secondary air tubes. These stainless steel tubes are located in the hottest spot of the appliance; the top of the stove firebox. Secondary combustion air is brought into the stove via these tubes. When this extremely hot air is mixed with the smoke from the fire, the smoke is actually burned before what's left exits through the chimney. This process is done automatically and requires very little maintenance.

Types Of Wood Stoves

Wood burning stoves are made from steel, cast iron or soapstone. You will see all three types in our showrooms. Each have advantages. Steel stoves heat up quickly but also cool down quicker than other types. The flat surfaces and convective air chambers designed into the units are conducive to installing a fan.

A soapstone stove will store more heat than any other natural material. It may take a bit longer to heat up, but soapstone will provide a wonderful, steady and consistent heat source, even after the fire dissipates! Because of the properties and veining in the stone, no two soapstone stoves are identical. Each one can be considered a work of art! Cast iron wood burning stoves have been an American favorite for more than 200 years. Decorative castings can be poured into lots of interesting shapes: texturing on the top and sides of stoves, arched doors, the stove's legs and functional cooking surfaces.

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Stove manufacturers will make several sizes of stoves, depending on your heating requirements.
To speak with our knowledgeable staff about which option is best
for your needs, visit our three showrooms.

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