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Indoor Wood Burning Furnaces

Chimney Specialists Inc. in Highland, WI offers a great selection of forced air wood burning furnaces. Known as the tri-state leader in wood burning, we serve a wide area from Madison, WI to Dubuque, IA and across all of Southwest Wisconsin, Northeast Iowa and Northwest Illinois. These units provide economical heating solutions for homes, garages, and shops. Choose from our top brand below:

installing boilerForced Air Wood Burning Furnaces

Today's forced air wood burning furnaces are economical and environmentally friendly choices for those who want to use wood as opposed to fossil fuels to heat their home. Wood is renewable energy and is a sustainable supply as well. Many of these low emissions and clean burning furnaces are E.P.A. certified.

Stop worrying about the ever-increasing costs of gas and fuel oil and opt for a more stable energy source - wood. Many local residents across the tri-state region of Wisconsin, Iowa and Illinois have access to land that can produce enough wood to handle their needs. If they don't, there are certainly plenty of local sources to purchase wood to fuel your wood burning furnace. This is truly an economical way to heat your home, shop, garage or business. Become energy independent with alternative energy - your wood burning furnace can also function as a water heater as well by adding a hear exchanger to your system.






To learn more or to find out what model might work best for you, call us or
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We are an authorized dealer for Central Boiler Wood Burning Boilers, and PSG forced air wood burning furnaces.

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