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Platteville WI, Fireplaces, Inserts, Stoves, Chimney Repair, and More

Chimney Specialists trucks are professionally marked and are often seen traveling on Rt. 80 in Platteville WI and the surrounding area, as our professional chimney technicians are providing chimney services, including stove, insert, and fireplace installation and chimney inspections, chimney cleaning, and chimney repair. We are the Destination Hearth Store less than 30 minutes north of Platteville WI on Rt. 80.


Wood Fireplace - Richland Center WI

Fireplaces Installed in Platteville

Modern fireplaces have the inviting ambiance that has always made fireplaces a top home amenity, and they offer the added benefit of being efficient and useful to supplement other heat sources. We have installed wood,  gas and electric fireplaces for many Platteville WI homeowners.

Wood fireplaces are the ideal choice for homeowners who most enjoy the crackling of real wood fires. Gas fireplaces are favorites among many homeowners because of their convenience, environmental benefits, and options that include sleek styling. Electric fireplaces can create instant ambiance. Simply plug your electric fireplace into a standard outlet for heat options and simulated flames.

Wood - Gas - Pellet Stoves in Richland Center WI

Platteville Wood Stoves, Gas & Pellet Stoves

Wood stoves, gas stoves, pellet stoves, and electric stoves are also popular heating appliances among Platteville WI homeowners. Modern stoves are highly efficient and can provide long-lasting heat for one room our throughout your home.

Wood-burning stoves and gas stoves can be used for warmth and cooking, even when the electricity goes out.

Pellet stoves are incredibly efficient, and they can provide hands-free fires and a significant amount of heat for up to 36 hours.

Fireplace Insert Sales and Installation in Richland Center WI

Fireplace Insert Installation in Platteville WI

Fireplace inserts transform an inefficient traditional masonry fireplace into an efficient source of supplemental heat.

Inserts can also be installed in factory-built fireplaces. Professional installation is important, to ensure safe use and optimal performance.

Many of our Platteville WI customers have scheduled fireplace insert installation to save on heating costs during cold Wisconsin winters.

Outdoor Wood Boilers Richland Center WI

Platteville's Choice for Outdoor Boilers

Chimney Specialists Inc. offers outdoor boilers, which are heating sources used by many Platteville WI residents. Outdoor boilers are perfect for use in garages, barns, shops, and homes.

Wood-burning boilers are economical heating solutions; and they are eco-friendly, since they are clean-burning and emit low emissions. Options include traditional or high efficiency models.

Visit our Destination Hearth Store, a mere half hour from Platteville WI, to find out more about outdoor boilers.

Fireplaces installed in Richland Center WI

Fireplace, Insert, and Stove Installation

Our trained technicians at Chimney Specialists Inc. are professional and provide dependable installation services for homeowners in Platteville and our entire service area, including southwest Wisconsin. We also have a showroom where you can see many brands and models of fireplaces, stoves, inserts, and more.

We specialize in installing fireplace inserts, gas, wood, and pellet stoves, along with fireplace remodels and installations. Our services include mantle, surround, and hearth improvements, as well as zero-clearance fireplace installations. Inserts can be installed in just one day, transforming your fireplace into an efficient heat source. Our expert crews also offer chimney repair and rebuild services, covering chimney crowns, linings, and caps.

wisconsin chimney cleaning Richland Center WI

Chimney Service in Platteville WI - Chimney Cleaning, Inspection, Chimney Sweep

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) both recommend homeowners schedule an annual chimney inspection, to ensure safe operation of their fireplaces and wood stoves.

We encourage Platteville WI homeowners to schedule annual chimney inspections in before end of summer because there is always a rush of demand for chimney services when chilly weather is just around the corner.

As far as chimney cleaning, the NFPA recommends annual chimney cleaning services. CSIA recommends that chimney cleaning services be scheduled when creosote buildup is up to 1/8 inch.

Richland Center WI Chimney Repairs

Platteville WI Chimney Repairs - Masonry, Rebuilds, Liners, Chase Tops, Chimney Caps

When our professional chimney technicians are seen traveling in their service trucks in the Platteville WI area, they are often performing chimney repairs.

 Moisture is the cause of most chimney damage. Because moisture infiltration occurs in a variety of ways, routine inspection is important.

We provide chimney repairs in Platteville WI, including chimney restoration, chimney rebuilding, flue liner repair and replacement and chimney crown repair or replacement.

If your are in Platteville WI or surrounding communities, and have questions about any of our top quality products or services, we would love to help! Give us a call at (608) 929-4887 or feel free to fill out our online contact form and an expert team member will promptly reach out to you!

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