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Reasons to Add a Fireplace to Your Home Interior this Summer

Have you been thinking about adding a fireplace to your home? Let the heat of summer remind you of the joy you will have in winter by having a fireplace installed now. Wonderful benefits go along with a new fireplace installation. There are also clear advantages to getting your new heating appliance installed during the summer months.

Fireplaces Provide the Ultimate Ambiance

Electric Fireplace installation in Fennimore WI

You could have an efficient new fireplace installed in your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room, game room, or home office to find that the wonderful ambiance of a fireplace is great anywhere. In addition to warmth, you can enjoy the appearance of your new heating appliance that perfectly complements your home décor. There are many styles to choose from so that the atmosphere created can match your interior design.

Improved Efficiency

Prices for electricity tend to go up steadily year after year. It is always smart for homeowners in the cold climates of Wisconsin and Illinois to find cost-cutting solutions in winter. By having a new fireplace installed, you can give the central heating unit a rest on cold winter days. A modern fireplace of the appropriate size will provide all the heat needed for any particular room you are in, and at a significantly lower cost than heating the entire house.

Increase Your Home Value

A fireplace is an investment that generally yields a greater return than the amount you paid for it. When you have a fireplace installed in any room of your house, the value of your property will increase, often by thousands of dollars. Most homebuyers are seeking a home equipped with a fireplace, which means you will likely be able to sell your home more quickly than you would without it.

Boost Your Savings with Zone Heating

As mentioned above, you trim heating costs anytime you turn off the central heating system and use a fireplace in the room you are in. Multiply that effect by adding fireplaces to each of the primary rooms you live in. You could spend entire days with the central heating turned off. Simply use only the fireplace that is needed at any given time. It makes a lot of sense, really. Heating one or even two rooms with a fireplace is far more economical than constantly heating the entire home or even your primary living areas with central heating, while closing off other vents.

Gas burning Fireplace installation in Fennimore WI

Gas Fireplaces

Linear fireplaces, gas log sets, and other styles of gas fireplaces are available for home heating. The options in fireplace design are truly remarkable when you are shopping for a gas-fueled fireplace. Because all you need to do is press a button to get the flames and heat started, gas fireplaces are indisputably convenient—especially compared to wood-burning fireplaces. Zone heating can work with a fireplace that has any type of fuel, but nothing can beat the convenience of gas fireplaces together with the cost-cutting strategy of zone heating.

A Summer Installation Provides Advantages

Once autumn comes around, countless homeowners know it is time to schedule chimney cleaning, chimney inspection, or emergency chimney repairs. Summer is the “offseason” for even the most in-demand chimney sweeps. Chimney experts have more time in summer to help answer questions on making the right decision about a new fireplace. They are also much more available to install a fireplace at a time convenient to you.

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