Benefits of Tuckpointing
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Benefits of Tuckpointing

TuckpointingThe Benefits of Tuckpointing a Chimney

Have you checked the condition of your chimney lately? The mortar needs to be replaced at some point; it typically lasts about 25 years. Once the mortar deteriorates, moisture can enter your chimney system. And in our service area of Northeast Iowa, Northwest Illinois, and Southwest Wisconsin, ice can cause your brick, stone, and cement masonry to break apart, as a result of moisture. If the chimney isn’t repaired, it can start to lean and ultimately could collapse. In addition, moisture can cause other costly problems. Tuckpointing is a repair procedure that stops the process of destruction.

 What is Tuckpointing?

Tuckpointing is another way of saying that you are replacing old mortar with new mortar. The crumbling mortar is ground out to a certain depth and replaced with new. Our professionals have the skills and experience to identify the scope of the job that needs to be done and to produce top results.

When is Tuckpointing Needed?

There are some signs of deteriorating mortar that are easy to spot. Weakened mortar leads to moisture getting into the brick or stone masonry, and the masonry will flake or pop off as a result. You can test your mortar by rubbing a key across it. If a powdered material is scratched up, it’s time to repair your masonry. When masonry is still doing its job of keeping moisture out, dragging a key across it won’t cause any scratching. If you are unsure, our professionals will be glad to help you evaluate the condition of your chimney.

 Step-by-Step Tuckpointing

Tuckpointing is labor-intensive process that involves routing out damaged mortar and replacing it with fresh mortar. When the job is done right, the original shape of the bricks and mortar is recreated. An overview of the steps for tuckpointing a red brick chimney follows:

  • Ground out the old mortar to a uniform depth.
  • Slide in red mortar in the newly routed grooves with a tuckpointing trowel.
  • In the red mortar, cut thin strips down the middle to form grooves.
  • Use paint tint to match the mortar color on the outside of the chimney and fill in the grooves with it.

 Tuckpointing Benefits

Tuckpointing Before and After

Before and After Tuckpointing

There are distinct benefits to tuckpointing your chimney when the mortar is weakened,including the following:

  • Tuckpointing stops the process of corrosion.
  • When mortar deteriorates, moisture can get into the chimney and cause the stone or brick masonry to break apart. Tuckpointing extends the life of the chimney by providing a basically waterproof mortar joint.
  • Tuckpointing restores your chimney’s structural stability. If weakened mortar joints are not repaired, a complete chimney rebuild will eventually be needed.
  • It saves you money to repair your chimney as opposed to rebuilding.
  • Tuckpointing acts as a defense against moisture. Besides damaging the chimney itself, unseen damage is caused by moisture in the chimney, such as mildew, mold, wood rot, and more.
  • The original aesthetic beauty of your chimney is restored with tuckpointing.
  • The value of your home is increased when your chimney is in good condition.

If you have questions about your chimney’s condition or if your chimney needs repair, contact our chimney professionals.  We will answer all of your questions and provide a reliable evaluation.

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