4 Surprising Ways You Can Use Wood Ashes
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Unlocking the Power of Wood Stove Ashes: Practical Uses and Surprising Benefits!

Your wood-burning stove has many benefits, including warmth in cold weather, creating a cozy ambiance, and providing valuable ashes. That’s right, valuable ashes. Don’t buy it? We thought you might doubt us, so with your skepticism in mind, here is a guide- Unlocking the Power of Wood Stove Ashes: Practical Uses and Surprising Benefits!

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Your Yard Will Love Wood-Ashes

Believe it or not, your wood-burning stove’s ashes are healthy for your yard’s soil, supplying numerous benefits for your yard’s plants and soil. Wood ashes are packed with minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium and will improve the pH level of acidic soils, making them more alkaline. Why is alkaline soil good? Soil that is alkaline is helpful for plants that thrive in neutral to alkaline soils. The ashes also stimulate your soil’s structure, improving its ability to retain moisture while also promoting drainage. Also, the nutrients in wood ashes are in a state that plants can use instantly, delivering a natural fertilizer. It’s important to note that using wood ashes sparingly is crucial, as excessive amounts can create excessively alkaline soil conditions, which can be detrimental to some plants. Applying a thin layer of wood ashes over the soil and then working it in can produce these benefits without the danger of a nutrient imbalance. Wood ashes can enhance soil fertility, leading to vigorous plant growth and a more plentiful yard or garden.

Drive Pests Hate Wood Ashes

Wood ashes are a safe and practical way to impede household pests. The potassium carbonate and trace minerals in wood ashes are repugnant to many pests, making them an excellent deterrent. When sprinkled around the perimeter of a house or garden, it constructs a barrier so that pests such as snails, slugs, and some insects will go out of their way to avoid touching it. Wood ash’s harsh properties can also damage the exoskeletons of pests like ants and roaches, hindering them from infesting locations where there are ashes. Why? Because wood ashes can change the soil’s pH, it creates a dangerous environment for some pests. It’s essential to keep in mind that using wood ashes sparingly is important, as disproportionate levels can hurt good soil organisms.

Wood Ashes Clean Dirty Jewelry

You may have an aging ring or necklace that has lost its sparkle. Applying wood ashes can restore that familiar shine. Wood ashes have been traditionally utilized as a do-it-yourself cleaning agent for jewelry, taking advantage of their lightly abrasive and absorbent properties. Wood ashes’ fine, granular texture makes them ideal for gently scrubbing dirt and grime from metal surfaces without damage. This method is particularly suited for tougher metals like gold and silver. To take advantage of using wood ash for scouring jewelry, a small amount of water can be mixed with the ashes to make a paste. This paste is then applied gently over the jewelry using a soft cloth or a brush with soft bristles, allowing it to take off dirt and revitalize the jewelry’s shine. After application, your jewelry should be thoroughly rinsed with clean water and dried with a soft cloth. It’s important to note that this method is not suitable for all kinds of jewelry, especially those with softer or porous stones, as the abrasive nature of wood ashes could possibly be damaging. It’s best to consult with a professional or read the jewelry’s manual or instructions before trying to clean it using uncommon techniques.

Wood Ash Get Rid of Foul Odors

Wood ash has properties that make it effective in eliminating awful odors. How? Due to its alkaline nature, which assists in neutralizing acidic odors often found in places like kitchens and bathrooms. For example, placing a small bowl of wood ash in your refrigerator can assist in eliminating foul smells, much in the same way baking soda does. Furthermore, spreading wood ash in areas prone to dampness and mildew, like basements, will help reduce stale odors by absorbing excess moisture and producing a deodorizing effect. Wood ash can also be utilized in compost bins or outdoor locations where organic waste is stored because it assists in breaking down the waste while controlling odors that happen during decomposition. Its natural absorbent properties make it useful in seizing and neutralizing various odors. Wood ash is a convenient solution for odor control in a number of household settings.

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A Final Thought

Yes, it is smart to remove ashes from your wood-burning stove. But it is smarter to have a qualified chimney sweep service clean and inspect your wood-burning stove routinely. If you use the stove frequently, it should be serviced just as frequently, guaranteeing you have a supply of valuable wood ashes when you need them. 

Let Chimney Specialist, Inc Service Your Wood Burning Stove

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