Why Spring & Summer Is The Best Time For Chimney Repairs
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Why Now Is The Best Time For Chimney Repairs

Do you have plans to visit family this summer? Or, will you be away from home on a much-needed vacation? Either way, while you’re out enjoying the warm weather, there is one home maintenance task you should schedule with a Chimney Specialists technician ASAP. Of course, we’re talking about fixing problems with your chimney system. And in fact, there are five big reasons why now is the best time for chimney and fireplace repairs.

Chimney Liner replacement in Boscobel WIA lack of use

With winter finally saying goodbye to our region, you probably stopped using your fireplace a few weeks ago. This lack of use makes now the best time for chimney repairs. However, before you light your first fire this fall, you will want to ensure there are no problems with the masonry. This is one reason why fixing chimney problems in the spring and summer is the best decision.

Saying goodbye to winter

Keeping with the idea of the seasons, another reason to repair masonry problems now is that you want to fix any damage winter inflicted on your chimney. From snow to ice, and from sleet to hail, Wisconsin winters can often feel like all four seasons at once. This also means that the masonry materials in your chimney are more prone to the freeze-and-thaw cycle.

This happens because your brick-and-mortar materials are porous. If it’s not waterproofed, the water invades the tiny holes within them.

It then freezes, expands, and melts. This, in turn, leaves a bigger gap. This repeated process throughout the winter means that you need to get damage like this fixed sooner rather than later.

Being proactive

Along the lines of sooner rather than later, there is another big reason why now is the right time for masonry repairs. Simply put, small issues left to grow can cause big problems later. Your chimney is a complex system made up of many parts: flashing, masonry, a cap, a crown, your flue liner, and so on. If any of these are missing or damaged, it can lead to leaks in your home and larger problems this winter when conditions are less optimal for repair.

Warmer weather

This then brings us to our fourth reason why you should repair masonry problems now: the outside air temperatures. With warmer weather, masonry materials can cure easier. Therefore, the repair will be more structurally sound. If you wait until fall, you may have to be put on a waiting list with your repair appointment being bumped into the colder months.

Chimney tuckpointing and flashing repair in Dodgeville WI / Mineral Point, WI

Beating the rush

After all, everyone will want to start using their chimney as soon as the weather turns cold this fall. If you wait until everyone else starts thinking about their chimney repair and annual inspection needs, you may find yourself on a long waiting list. Beat the crowd and schedule your masonry repairs asap!

Turn to us when it’s time for any Chimney Repairs

From seasonal changes to being proactive and avoiding waiting lists, now is the best time for any kind of masonry repair. From a basic sweep and inspection to more involved repairs, contact us today to book your appointment.

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