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Central Boiler Brand – Outdoor Wood Boilers

outdoor wood boiler highland wiOutdoor wood burning boilers by Central Boiler offer an economical solution for heating your home, garage, outbuildings, and/or shop. Central Boiler is considered a leading manufacturer of outdoor wood burning furnaces. These products use the least expensive fuel source. Wood is a sustainable fuel, and outdoor boilers are efficient and environmentally friendly heating systems. Many models meet the restrictions in the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) Phase 2 Program. You can choose between the original Classic Outdoor Wood Furnace and a top model that meets the EPA Phase 2 program requirements, the newer E-classic model, which has a 92% efficiency rating.

How does an outdoor boiler work?

An outdoor Central Boiler brand wood boiler can be installed outside your home, barn, business, or outbuilding from 15 to 500 feet away. You can choose a forced-air, radiant baseboard or a radiant floor heating system, which are both designed to work with your current heating system. If there isn’t an existing heating system, you will be able to choose how the heat from the wood boiler will be circulated through your space.

Wood boilers have a central firebox and water jacket that uses heated water pumped to your buildings via insulated pipes to circulate heat. Hot water that is heated by the wood boiler is sent through in-floor tubes, in buildings with in-floor, radiant heating. Consistent, controllable, steady heat is supplied for your home or outbuilding with this method. A normal thermostat is used to control the heat circulated through your home, whichever heating system you choose.

Forced Air Wood Burning Furnaces

When forced-air heating is used, a water-to-air heat exchanger provides heat with the energy from the hot water. Forced air wood burning furnaces from Central Boiler are designed for low emissions and clean burning of wood, so that there is less of an impact on the environment.

When you rely on a wood boiler to heat your home, shop, or business, you don’t need to be concerned about the rising costs of fuel oil, gas, and electricity. You could be completely off the grid and still enjoy the heat supplied by your Central Boiler brand outdoor wood boiler. In fact, your wood furnace can also be used as a water heater; all that’s needed is to add a heat exchanger to the system.

Central Boiler’s Classic Edge

The newest EPA-certified model line of outdoor wood boilers from Central Boiler is the Classic Edge which offers value and performance. The following are details about this wood boiler that has revolutionary new patent-pending design:

· Use up to 50% less wood, as compared to other methods of wood heating.

· The FireStar II controller makes operation of the wood boiler simple, with no guesswork.

· Maintenance and cleaning are easy.

· Classic Edge 350, 550, and 750 are EPA-certified.

Central Boiler’s E-Classic

highland wi outdoor wood boilerThe E-Classic wood boiler from Central Boiler leads the industry in performance and features. See the following details about what this model offers:

· Push-button ignition.

· Heat is prevented from escaping, due to sprayed-on urethane foam, which means more heat energy goes into your home.

· When the firebox door is opened, a bypass ensures that exhaust is redirected out the chimney.

· Energy efficient, long-lasting LED lights illuminate the sides of the furnace and the inside of the firebox when the door is opened.

· E-Classic 1450 and 3250 are EPA-certified.

Outdoor wood boilers are cost-saving heating systems, and Central Boiler brand is considered the leader in the industry. Are you ready to start saving money in winter by installing and outdoor wood boiler? Contact us today (608) 929-4887.

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