Animals In Your Chimney: Problems They Cause & Solutions
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How Animals Use Chimneys and Preventative Measures 

We all love a beautiful fireplace. A fireplace can bring a lot of joy to your family and friends. The winters are full of evenings enjoying a toasty, cozy fire. But with its beauty comes situations that are not very pleasant. The exposure of your chimney to the elements can invite all types of things. Animals from birds to raccoons have been known to find their way into one’s chimney. They are out in the elements trying to find refuge from the cold and predators. If an animal finds its way in, this can cause all sorts of havoc to your chimney and home. 

Thorough chimney inspections and cleanings in Mineral Point, WIProblems That May Arise When an Animal Is In Your Chimney

Blocked Chimney

Animals bring in debris to make nests, with this a blockage may occur.  Animals will try to nest in a warm chimney. They continue to bring in leaves and sticks. These are dry and flammable. With a blocked chimney many issues can arise. Let’s discuss some of those. 

Chimney Fire

A collection of twigs, leaves, and other nest-making debris is stuck up in your chimney and can cause a fire. If you are unaware of the debris and start a fire, this can catch and start a fire.

Smoke Exposure

A blocked chimney will push down the smoke that is trying to escape up the chimney. This can be dangerous to those with respiratory issues or small children. 

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

A colorless, odorless gas that is highly dangerous. Hundreds of deaths per year are reported from exposure to carbon monoxide. When a fire is started and is not vented, carbon monoxide poisoning may occur. Be sure to check your chimney for any blockage before starting a fire in it. 


If animals remain in your chimney, they bring with them many outdoors. Outdoor elements such as bugs and possibly disease. In the worst-case scenario, the animal can die in the chimney causing very unpleasant odors.

What Can I Do to Prevent Animals from Entering

Preventative maintenance is important

It is recommended that you book an annual Chimney sweep and inspection. We at Chimney Specialists Inc will clean out any debris left from the summer months of unuse. An inspection will give you the peace of mind that your fireplace and chimney are in well working order. You can feel confident that you will have a safe burning season.

chimney cap installations in Spring Green WI

Invest in a chimney cap

A chimney cap not only protects your chimney and home from water getting in. It also protects your chimney from leaves, twigs, debris as well as animals from getting in. There are many types of chimney caps that you can choose from. One made of aluminum is very cost-effective as it is the most durable for your money. You can feel confident that Chimney Specialists Inc. will help you make a decision that is right for you.

When it is time for your annual inspection and chimney sweep, call Chimney Specialists Inc. at 608-929-4887. We will book an appointment that works with your schedule.  

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