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Why a Chimney Liner Replacement is a Good Thing

Gas Logs / Gas Log Sets - Sales & Installation

Do you have a fireplace but rarely use it? Does the idea of an occasional cozy fire entice you, but the work required to create one turn you off? In that case, a set of gas logs may be the perfect option for you. Gas logs look extremely realistic right down to the glowing embers. But the good news is that a gas logset does not require any manual labor after the installation! This is a wonderful way to utilize an existing fireplace and maximize its potential. Don’t let your fireplace go to waste! Consider using the fireplace for a decorative logset convert the old fireplace into a beautiful focal point of the room.

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Vented Gas Logs or Vent-Free Gas Logs

Gas logs combine luxury and efficiency with distinctive design elements. Vented units often have the ability to produce a dramatic flame, but are used exclusively for decorative purposes.  Since the damper to the fireplace needs to be open, there is very little heat delivered to the room.  On the other hand, vent-free burners are designed with no outside venting requirements.  This prevents heat loss and cold air drafts.  Vent-free gas logs can offer some heat because no heat is lost up the chimney. Unfortunately, vent free gas logs cannot be installed in many homes because of code restrictions.

Hargrove gas logs in wisconsinvented gas logs vent-free

Hargrove's gas log sets have some of the most realistic looks while provided great heat output. The top of the line burner systems allow for the warmth and natural flame patterns you will see. Their unique molding process provides greater log detail & heating efficiency.

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