It's A Good Idea To Close Your Fireplace In The Summer, and Here's How
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Do I Need To ‘Close’ My Fireplace During The Summer?

Summer is just about upon us. Whether you live in a part of the country where temperatures get sizzling hot or not, you may want to consider closing the fireplace damper. For one thing, the shuttering of the damper will help keep the cool air generated by your air conditioner indoors where it belongs, especially on those very hot days.  Closing the damper assures that electricity costs stay down and also ensures that the air conditioner doesn’t work too hard, which results in higher utility costs.

top mount chimney damper, prairie du chien wiWhat Is The Chimney Damper?

Also known as the ‘throat damper’ because it’s located inside the chimney, it rests above the firebox and separates the box from the rest of the chimney system. Of course, you need to open the damper when you use the fireplace to allow the smoke and other impurities associated with a wood or gas burning fire to evacuate your home. A lever is available in the fireplace that allows you to close and open the damper.

Busting Damper Falsehoods

Some fireplace users may believe in certain damper myths. One is that it’s best the damper remains open during the summer. This falsehood is based on the premise that chimneys emit a bad odor. So keeping the damper open allows fresh air to circulate through the structure. The truth is that an open damper may be the culprit as far as the odor is concerned. Leaving the damper open allows water to get inside the chimney and mix with the creosote on the walls causing the bad smell.

So, there is no good reason in keeping your chimney damper open during the summer. In fact, just before the start of the summer is a great time to contact your local chimney sweep and make an appointment for a chimney inspection and chimney and fireplace cleaning.

chimney inspection and cleaning, spring green wiChimney Inspection And Cleaning

A chimney inspection by a professional chimney sweep will assure that the damper is not damaged and will properly seal against the chimney walls so that air from inside your home doesn’t evacuate through it.

Your chimney and fireplace needs to be inspected regularly anyway. So making a standing appointment with a chimney sweep for such an inspection is a good idea.  The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) suggests annual chimney inspections for damage and should be cleaned regularly. Just prior to summer would be the perfect time and your chimney sweep professional can close the damper and assure that it’s secure.

For residents of Highland, Wisconsin and its nearby vicinity, you can trust the technicians of Chimney Specialists, Inc. to inspect and clean your chimney and fireplace and examine the damper to assure that it properly blocks inside air from leaving your home when it is closed. They will repair any damage to the damper and replace it if necessary. And while they’re at it, they’ll make certain that the damper is properly closed.

For more information about Chimney Specialists, Inc. call them toll free at (800) 395-6660 or (608) 929-4887 or visit the company website.

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