How Chimney Dampers Can Decrease Energy Consumption
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How Dampers Can Decrease Energy Consumption

Today, we have a small request to ask of you. Walk over to a nearby door or window and open it. Oh yeah, and leave it open all day long. We’re willing to bet you didn’t just do that, and probably thought to yourself “It’s way too cold right now.” You’re not wrong, and as it turns out there is another part of your home that acts in the exact same way. It’s called a damper. Let’s look at how dampers can reduce energy consumption in both your home and business.

Top Mount Chimney Damper in Madison WIWhat is a damper?

The easiest way to think of a damper is that it’s a door within your fireplace throat. As with the doors in your home or office, it keeps cold winter air out. Physically, your damper is made of metal. If you search for fireplace dampers online, you’ll find dozens (if not hundreds) of different designs. Practically speaking, however, it’s a door that controls the flow of air within your chimney.

Why do I need a damper?

When your fireplace is in use, your damper must be open. Otherwise, toxic gasses and fumes will back up into your home. This can potentially cause structural issues in your home, not to mention major health concerns including carbon monoxide poisoning. When your fireplace is not in use, however, you should close your damper. Otherwise, cold air will most likely flow down your flue and work against your HVAC system. In addition, hot air rises.

An open damper allows the heat within your home to escape through your damper rather than warm your rooms. During you annual chimney inspection your damper will be checked to ensure it is in good shape.

What to do if your damper is damaged

If you have a damaged damper, the first step is to schedule an appointment with Chimney Specialists. Our technicians can fix or replace your damaged damper with relative ease. Until it’s fixed, do not use your fireplace. Even if it’s in the open position, it’s not worth the risk. You may want to put some cardboard in front of your fireplace to prevent cold air from entering your home or warm air from leaving it. If your damper is stuck in the closed position, again do not use your damper. This can lead to major smoke and toxic gasses permeating throughout your home.

Top Mount Chimney Damper Installation in Fennimore WIDoes using a damper correctly save money?

Yes, using a damper can save you money. First, a closed damper prevents your already spent energy usage (in the form of heat) from escaping out of your home. Second, a closed damper will prevent cold air from rushing back into your home.

Reduce energy consumption while maximizing your fireplace efficiency

All fireplaces have a damper. When burning a fire, either gas or wood, your damper should be in the open position. However, once the fire is fully extinguished, you need to take the time to close your damper so that cold air doesn’t make its way into your home. Each member of our team is fully equipped and prepared to help you with all of your fireplace- related needs.

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