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Why is Debris Falling from My Chimney Into My Fireplace?

Imaginations can go wild when unexpected things happen in the home, and debris falling from the chimney is one of them. The best way to tuck fears away is to find out the facts. When it comes to chimney debris, it is usually time for some type of chimney service, depending on the cause of the issue. The following are some of the potential reasons debris is frequently falling from your chimney.

Old Chimney?

If you live in an old home, the chimney may be crumbling because of a thin layer of mortar that is lining it. Before building code requirements related to fireplaces changed in the 1960s, many chimneys were parged, which is the thin layer of mortar. Over time, the material begins to crumble. The best solution is to have a new liner installed. Most chimney experts recommend a stainless-steel liner, many of which have lifetime warranties. Installation of the liner will make your home safer and will also stop the debris from falling into your fireplace.

Chimney Cap Installation in Boscobel, WIMissing Chimney Cap?

Chimney caps or chimney toppers are accessories that provide several benefits, including keeping moisture and debris from entering your chimney. When things are falling through the chimney, it could be due to the lack of a chimney cap. Leaves and twigs often make their way into chimneys during storms, even if there are no trees in the immediate area.

The problem of debris could be caused by critters. Animals often climb into chimneys that have no chimney cap. The caps are usually made with mesh for the express purpose of keeping animals out, and serving as a spark guard is another benefit of the mesh material.


Birds like to make nests in chimneys, and raccoons like to deliver their litter of kits (aka cubs) in chimneys. An animal in your chimney means droppings could be falling into your fireplace. Contact a chimney expert if any of the above- or below-mentioned problems apply to your situation.

Hazardous Obstructions?

Debris in your fireplace could mean that there is an obstruction in your chimney, which is extremely dangerous! Each

Chimney obstructions also cause toxic gases to enter the home, including deadly carbon monoxide.

Chimney Maintenance Needed?

Professional Chimney Sweep in Boscobel WIAnother reason for debris falling down from the chimney is summer, when air often travels down chimneys, which is the opposite activity as in winter. As a result, bits of creosote and soot in a dirty chimney will often sift down into the fireplace.

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