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Enjoy a Fire in Every Season: Electric Fireplaces

Electric FireplacesIf you have a masonry fireplace, it’s recommended that you close it up in spring; but you can use electric fireplaces year-around. Electric fireplaces provide the best answer to the question: How can I enjoy a fireplace but without heat? Thanks to innovation in technology and design, there is a perfect electric fireplace for everyone.

Why Designers Love Electric Fireplaces

As hearth companies have begun offering a wider and wider range of eye-pleasing electric fireplaces, interior designers have begun to use them increasingly. In any room where the ambiance of a fireplace is a perfect touch, an electric fireplace provides the opportunity for the upgrade with the simplest possible installation. Unlike solid fuel fireplaces that burn logs or gas, all that’s essentially needed to install an electric fireplace is an electrical outlet.

The delightful visuals created by a realistic faux fire are enough to make an electric fireplace a wonderful addition, which is why interior designers love them.

Options in Electric Fireplaces

An electric firebox can be enhanced with many styles of decorative surrounds. The following are among your options when choosing an efficient electric fireplace:

  • Wall-mount electric fireplaces provide the desired atmosphere of a fire without taking up any floor space at all. Wall-mounts are available in many sizes, colors, and methods of installation.
  • A firebox style electric fireplace is installed fully encased with a glass front. This design completely covers the area inside your existing fireplace. If there are any discolorations or other flaws, they are hidden. The glass prevents accumulation of debris or dust, and some models feature an on-screen digital display.
  • You can choose an electric fireplace insert. These provide a quick method for reclaiming an inefficient or deteriorating masonry fireplace.
  • Media consoles come in more than 40 styles, and they allow you to enjoy your electric fireplace in a console for the media of your choice, such as a television or music center.
  • When you add a mantel, your electric fireplace can become an ideal accent piece or the centerpiece of a room.
  • Linear fireplaces offer sleek design for anyone desiring an elegant touch. With an electric linear fireplace, you don’t need to build a chimney or run in a gas line. Simply enjoy the LED flames as they flicker over glass in the color of your choice.
  • You can even get an electric stove to display your faux flames. Electric stoves are available in various colors and styles, and they can provide heat or only the stunning visual effects, if desired.

Why Homeowners Love Electric Fireplaces

Electric Fireplace Year RoundThe favorite feature of electric fireplaces among many buyers is that the simulated fire can create the desired ambiance anytime, but the heat does not have to be turned on. The only aspect of electric fireplaces that may not be easy is deciding on which model to get for your home.

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