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Fabulous Facelifts for Drab & Dull Fireplaces

updated fireplaces near madison wiThe fireplace is not only the main focal point of a home, it is often the centerpiece of family gatherings whether it’s watching television, reading a book or enjoying the company of guests. But if your fireplace is like that of many homeowners, it probably hasn’t been updated in the last few years. Fortunately, renovating a drab and dull fireplace is easier and more affordable than you think. So if you’re tired of looking at an old and dreary fireplace, consider giving it a fabulous facelift for a stunning like-new appearance.

Anatomy of a Fireplace

Before giving your fireplace a facelift it is important to understand the main components of the fireplace. Essentially, a fireplace consists of a hearth, firebox and mantle. The hearth is at the base of the fireplace in front of the firebox. The firebox, of course, is where the fire is maintained and leads to the chimney. Finally, the mantle is the shelf above the fireplace. The surround is the wall area that is adjacent to the firebox itself. Some fireplaces also include a panel wall and crown directly above the mantle which gives fireplaces a more commanding and luxurious appearance. If you want to add this feature to an existing fireplace it can easily be integrated during a facelift renovation project.

Fireplace Insert

One of the easiest and most efficient ways to quickly give your old masonry fireplace a fabulous new appearance is by adding a fireplace surrounds insert. These prefabricated inserts are available in dozens of designer styles, patterns and colors that will give any fireplace a contemporary appearance with a touch of modern elegance. Add a matching mantle to subtly give your fireplace a little more personality. A professional fireplace remodeler will ensure a fireplace surrounds insert is a good fit for your fireplace and will provide years of worry-free enjoyment.

New Stone or Brick Surround

brick surrounded fireplaces in highland wiAnother way to give your fireplace a fabulous facelift is to rebuild the surround, hearth and mantle with manufactured stone or new brick to match the updated appearance of your home.  Use a coordinated color scheme to naturally draw attention to an impressive focal point and natural conversation focal point of the fireplace.  Although manufactured stone and thin brick are lightweight, they are strong and durable. In fact, many homeowners complement their fireplace facelift with a dramatic full panel wall either with or without a mantel. The panel wall can be used to hang family pictures, artwork or even a widescreen television.  Some of our clients build the surround wall right to the ceiling for an even more dramatic look.

Fireplace Paint

If you have a brick or stone fireplace you can simply give it a fresh coat of paint. But first, be sure to replace any broken or damaged bricks or stones. For a striking designer appearance you can choose a darker paint color to offset light colored floors and a lighter shade or off-white paint to offset dark wood flooring. For safety reasons, it is important to choose the right type of paint. For fireplaces, it is recommended to use a hi-temp or heat resistant indoor latex paint for masonry and brick products. Also, it is always best to start with a clean surface before beginning a painting project. So be sure to clean the fireplace first for best results. Your fireplace remodeler can help you choose the best type of paint for your fireplace remodeling project.

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