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Issues Resulting From a Faulty Chimney

A faulty chimney is potentially a threat to home safety and, at the very least, it is a sign of the need for chimney repairs. Chimneys are vulnerable to moisture, and they also depend on various factors to operate properly. For instance, there must be airflow in the home to enjoy a fireplace that isn’t smoky. When moisture gets into masonry, replacement of the bricks is inevitable. A qualified chimney sweep is needed to handle all issues related to a faulty chimney. The following are signs that you need to contact your trusted chimney sweep for chimney repairs.

smokey fireplace in boscobel wisconsinA Smoky Appliance

A common sign of a faulty chimney is a smoky fireplace or stove, though there are other potential causes. Insights from a qualified chimney sweep are usually required to get to the root of the problem. The following are among the reasons for a smoky fireplace:

  • The chimney liner is obstructed
  • The home has negative air pressure
  • The damper isn’t fully opened
  • The opening in the fireplace is too large for the size of the flue
  • The chimney is filled with cold air, which must be dispelled before starting a fire
  • The chimney doesn’t have sufficient height to operate properly
  • The chimney was built with the wrong specifications for it to operate the way it’s supposed to

White Staining on the Chimney

Efflorescence causes white staining on chimneys, and it is caused by moisture plus salt content in the masonry. The salt mixes with the moisture and travels through the masonry to the brick face. The deposits left by the salt are easy to wash off, but it doesn’t solve the real problem.

When you see the white stains, it is a clear sign that moisture has entered the chimney masonry. So, the masonry is in a process of destruction that can’t be reversed. A partial or complete chimney rebuild is necessary. Otherwise, the chimney will eventually begin to lean and could collapse.

A Leaky Chimney

Moisture can get into chimney masonry in many different ways. There could be, as some examples, a cracked chimney crown, the lack of a chimney cap, faulty chimney flashing, or damaged mortar that has allowed water into the masonry system. Common results of a leaky chimney besides the destruction of the masonry itself include the following:

  • Staining on the ceiling and/or walls in your home near the chimney.
  • Rotting of the wood that supports your roof.
  • Rusting of the damper and other components of the fireplace and chimney.
  • A damaged chimney liner, which requires chimney liner repair or replacement before safe use of your heating appliance is possible.

cracks in chimney, dodgeville, wiCracks in the Chimney

There are various reasons you may see cracks in your chimney. The cracks could be the result of damaged mortar that has allowed moisture into the masonry. Oftentimes, a cracked chimney has to do with the foundation of the home or the lack of proper chimney footing, which is built at the same time as the home. Cracks sometimes occur because of a mechanical issue, such as installing an antenna on the chimney.

Chimney cracks can cause a chimney to leak and accelerate the deterioration of the masonry. The chimney flue can be damaged as a result of cracks, which is a hazardous situation that will require repairs.


Cracked Chimney Liner

One of the most significant types of chimney hazards is a damaged chimney liner. If there is so much as a small crack in the liner, the home is exposed to an increased risk of a house fire and occupants of the home could be exposed to deadly fumes, such as carbon monoxide.

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