The Benefits Of Having A Fireplace Insert In Your Space
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The Benefits of Using a Fireplace Insert in Winter

Fireplace inserts are the perfect way to improve the look and function of your fireplace without the hassle of an expensive remodel. The enclosed design of fireplace inserts gives them a heightened ability to retain heat better than an outdated masonry fireplace providing a more efficient heat output and a safer fireplace experience!

Schedule your fireplace insert installation with us in Fennimore WIWhat Is a Fireplace Insert?

A fireplace insert is a fully enclosed fireproof box with insulated glass doors that can be easily installed into your existing fireplace. Thanks to their cast iron or steel surroundings, they are safe to install near combustible materials making them a perfect addition to any room. Fireplace inserts are available in wood, gas or electric models and are a great option for anyone looking to update their fireplace for either aesthetic or efficiency purposes.

5 Benefits of a Fireplace Insert

Elevate Your Space

Fireplace inserts are available in so many stylish designs. If you’re looking for a simple way to update your fireplaces visual appeal then a wood, gas, or electric fireplace insert might be the perfect solution for you.

Lower Heating Bills

Because fireplace inserts are fully enclosed and have insulated glass doors, they are better equipped to maintain heat, even after the fire is finished burning. During the colder months a fireplace insert can provide warmth and keep out cold drafts more efficiently than an open masonry fireplace.

Skip the Cost of Extensive Renovations

Renovating your fireplace can be just like any other pricey home improvement, but with a fireplace insert it doesn’t have to be! You can accomplish an updated sense of style as well as improve the functionality of your fireplace for a fraction of the time and price. 

Environmental Impact

Another amazing feature of the enclosed design of a fireplace insert is its reduced impact on the environment. Fireplace inserts significantly reduce the number of toxic gasses that enter both your home and the environment. Our EPA certified inserts reduce emissions to nearly zero meaning that you’re not only improving your own experience, but also participating in a more environmentally friendly home heating source than your traditional open fireplace can provide.

We will come to inspect your fireplace in Spring Green WIEasy Installations

Since fireplace inserts are installed into your existing fireplace, they are an incredibly easy way to elevate your space. One of our certified technicians can have your new fireplace safely up and running in a matter of hours. 

Let Chimney Specialists INC Transform Your Fireplace

At Chimney Specialists INC, we offer top brands like Kozy Heat, Lopi, Jotul, and more! Our team of fireplace experts can help you choose the perfect wood, gas, or electric fireplace insert to transform your outdated fireplace into a cozy and efficient focal point for any room.

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