If Your Fireplace Is In Disrepair, Here Are Some Steps To Take
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What to Do When Your Fireplace is in Disrepair

Schedule needed maintenance is what to do if fireplaces and chimneys are in disrepair. Fixing a fireplace that is in a state of disrepair is rarely a feasible do-it-yourself project. Fortunately, Chimney Specialists, Inc. can provide trusted chimney and fireplace repair services throughout the tri-state areas of Southwest Wisconsin, Northwest Illinois, and Northeast Iowa. The following are some examples of the problems that can occur with fireplaces in need of maintenance.

chimney damper maintenance, boscobel wiFaulty Damper

The throat damper is a metal component just above the fireplace, and it is an important part of the chimney masonry system. Dampers are prone to warp from heat and to rust due to the presence of moisture inside the chimney flue. If your damper will not fully close, contact a chimney sweep for services.

An option for damper replacement is to have a top-sealing chimney damper aka a top-mounted damper installed. There are a number of benefits to installing a top-sealing damper. For instance, top-mounted dampers at the top of the chimney are more reliable than throat dampers.

A top-sealing damper is a cheaper alternative to replacing or repairing the old metal damper plates inside the throat of the fireplace. No matter which type of damper you have, it should be open when there is a fire and closed as soon as each fire has cooled.

Smoky Fireplace

If you have a smoky fireplace, contact a professional chimney sweep for help finding a solution. The cause of a smoky fireplace is not usually obvious. An obstruction in the chimney that disrupts the chimney draft could be the problem. A lack of airflow in the home may be preventing your fireplace from operating properly.

It is important that you don’t ignore a smoky fireplace. The combustion gases that enter the home are toxic, and they include deadly carbon monoxide.

Deteriorating Mortar

If the mortar inside the firebox is breaking and flaking off, it is essential to contact a chimney sweep for repair. Combustible parts of the home are protected by the special bricks inside the firebox. If the mortar or the bricks themselves show signs of deterioration, do not hesitate to call a trusted service company as Chimney Specialists, Inc.

If you schedule the installation of a fireplace insert, fireplace efficiency will increase significantly. In fact, a fireplace insert transforms a masonry fireplace into a viable source of supplemental heat. So, instead of repairing a damaged firebox, why not upgrade the fireplace by adding an insert?

fireplace service, fennimore wiIs Your Fireplace in Disrepair?

Chimney Specialists, Inc. has a team of qualified chimney professionals who can help you get your fireplace in good working order. A fireplace in a state of disrepair can be a hazard. For safety reasons and more, chimneys need routine maintenance, as well. Contact us at Chimney Specialists, Inc. today by calling 608-929-4887. If the installation of a fireplace insert is the best solution to repair your fireplace, we can help. We sell and install top-brand fireplaces.

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