Gas Vs Wood Fireplace: Which One Is Best For You?
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Gas Vs Wood Fireplace: Which Is Right For You?

You are purchasing a home. You decide that you want a fireplace. You have comprised your lists. Debating pros and cons; wants vs needs. You know you want a fireplace, but the choice is gas vs wood. What is the best way to go? There is a lot to consider regarding the type of fireplace to settle with.  

Let’s discuss the pros and cons of both types of fireplaces. This will help you determine what type is best for you.

wood burning fireplace in Spring Green WIWoodburning Fireplace


  • Ambiance – The smell and crackle of a woodburning fireplace is like no other. If you like the authenticity of a woodburning fire, this is the choice for you.
  • You know you will always have a heat and light source if the power goes out. You can also cook on a wood-burning fireplace without electricity. 


  • The need to buy wood. Wood can get costly. It can also be time-consuming. If you purchase wood that isn’t ready to burn, there is a waiting period before it is dry enough to burn inside.
  • Storage. You will need storage to keep your wood dry outdoors. Indoors you will also need a place to keep enough wood nearby. Otherwise, you will be going out to get more wood. 
  • Messy. A wood fireplace can be messy. The wood splinters will be left after the pile is used. More cleanup is involved.
  • Annual inspection and chimney sweep. There is more maintenance needed with a wood-burning fireplace. After years of use, you may find that the masonry starts to flake or crumble. The flashing, cap, crown, and damper are all parts of the fireplace that need regular inspection. Burning a well-maintained fireplace is your best option for a safe burning season.
  • A traditional wood-burning fireplace is not great for efficiency. A fireplace insert can help with that. With a wood-burning fireplace, most of the heat escapes up the chimney.

Gas Fireplace


  • The ease in starting the fire. Turn a switch and you have a beautiful fire. Most gas fireplace logs look like authentic wood.
  • Maintenance is easy and inexpensive. An annual inspection is all you need. Periodic cleaning as well.
  • Gas fireplaces are much more efficient than wood burning. The fire is contained in the firebox. Many units have fans that circulate the heat back into the house.
  • Cleaner – Toxic emissions are minimally distributed with a gas fireplace. No wood debris needs to be cleaned up either. 


  • Gas lines will need to be installed to operate. This can be costly if your home does not have gas lines to the house.
  • Less ambiance- A gas fireplace will give you the feel of an authentic fireplace. However, it won’t give you the smell and crackling sounds of a wood-burning fireplace.

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