When Should I Schedule My Next Chimney Cleaning?
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Do You Have Your Next Chimney Cleaning Scheduled? 

This is the time of year that you want to ask yourself this question. Do you have your chimney sweep appointment?  As the weather starts to get warmer and the fire burning season is coming to an end, now is the time to make that call.

It is recommended by professionals to have your chimney swept once a year. A good time to book your appointment is after you have decided that the fire burning days for this year have ended. You will have a clean chimney going into spring and summer.

chimney and fireplace maintenance in Fennimore, WIWhat are the Benefits of Spring Chimney Cleaning?

As with the other tasks that are on your list at this time of the year, chimney cleaning is important too. Let us discuss some of the benefits of getting this done in the spring.


Have you ever tried to book something in the heat of a busy season? Well, this is the reason you don’t want to wait until yet another fire burning season to get your chimney swept. This is the downtime for professional chimney sweep companies. You will be able to book an appointment at your convenience.


Since it is a quieter time of the year, you may find discounts for a chimney sweep or inspections. Don’t hesitate to call.

Quality service

The better companies book up fast. Now is the time to get yourself an appointment and secure the best out there.

Knowing the Parts of Your Chimney.

Be informed. It is important to know some basic information about your chimney. The more knowledge you have, the better informed you are about any issues a chimney sweep might bring up.  Let us discuss some parts of your chimney.

Chimney Crown

The chimney crown is at the very top of the chimney. It is usually made of concrete. The Crown protects the chimney from moisture. Brick and mortar absorb water which can cause deterioration. 

Chimney Cap

The chimney cap sits right on the top of your chimney. It is positioned right above the chimney crown. The main purpose of the cap is to keep rain out of your chimney.   


The firebox is the opening where you build your fire.

Chimney flue

The flue is the vertical passage that allows smoke to escape the home. It is a duct that runs from the firebox to the top of the chimney and out of the house.

Chimney damper

The damper opens and closes passage of smoke up the chimney. It is located inside the firebox. 

professional chimney sweeps in Spring Green WIChimney liner

A liner fits inside your chimney. It acts as a barrier between the flue and the walls of your chimney to insulate and protect the chimney.

Now is the time to make that call to Chimney Specialists Inc. Make the most of your appointment and call 608-929-4887.

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