Six Ways You Can Give Your Chimney New Life
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Six Ways You Can Give Your Chimney New Life

Over time, our houses start to feel a bit stale. Whether it’s the paint that has been on the wall for the past five years or siding that needs to be repaired; there is always something in need of updating. This also extends to our chimney which can both deteriorate and start to look dated as time goes on. Here are six ways you can give your chimney new life.

Metal Chimney Lining Replacement Fennimore WIReplace your chimney lining

The first tip today involves safety. Older chimneys often lack a metal liner, relying on a ceramic option instead. Over time, this ceramic liner will break down and cause a variety of problems including letting toxic gases into your home or promoting excessive creosote buildup.Replacing your chimney liner with a new metal liner is a great first step in giving new life to your chimney.

Fix deteriorating brick and mortar

Your house will “settle” over time. Mother Nature throws everything from wind to hail to rain to snow at your home. General wear and tear from daily usage can start to add up. Each of these can lead to the deterioration of your chimney’s brick and mortar. There are several ways to fix this, including tuckpointing and repointing. The important part is to fix these minor issues before they become a larger problem.

Apply a chimney waterproof sealant

Once your Chimney Specialists technician has repaired your brick and mortar, the next step is to have them apply a waterproof sealant. The freeze-thaw that’s common to Wisconsin can cause a small crack or hole today to become a major repair tomorrow. By applying a waterproof sealant, you can help ward off corrosion before it starts to take hold in the structure.

Scrub the surfaces

Another way to give new life to your chimney involves the inside of your home. The firebox can start to look dirty over time, even with a regular sweep. Scrubbing these interior surfaces will help to give your fireplace a clean, sparkling look as if it’s brand new.

Paint your hearth

Are you ready for something a bit more substantial with your fireplace? These next two tips will hopefully spark the flames of creativity in your mind. First, consider painting your hearth. It’s a great way to give new life to your chimney, especially in an older home. While many hearths have a traditional wood look, applying a coat of paint to it can transform the look into a modern, sleek appearance.

Chimney Sweeping Spring Green WI

Whitewash your brick

Finally, consider whitewashing your brick. As with painting your hearth, this option can give your chimney an entirely new look and feel. This is especially helpful if your personal tastes have changed since you purchased or built your home, yet you’re not ready for a full renovation.

Give your chimney new life with Chimney Specialists

From fixing problems with the structure itself to giving your fireplace a new look and feel, there is always a way to give your chimney new life. Our trained technicians can help you with these needs and more, including scheduling your annual chimney sweep and inspection. Ready to schedule your appointment? Then contact the team at Chimney Specialists, Inc by calling (608) 929-4887 or via our contact form.

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