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Guide To Zero-Clearance Fireplaces 

A fireplace is a wonderful addition to every home. But not all houses come with a fireplace. You are in search to buy a new home and a fireplace is at the top of the list. A house comes available that you fall in love with but does not have a fireplace.  You do have options. A Zero-Clearance Fireplace may be the answer to those fireplace dreams. Let’s get into some details below.

zero-clearance fireplace in Fennimore WIWhat is a Zero-Clearance Fireplace?

A Zero-Clearance fireplace is a premanufactured metal firebox. It is completely self-contained and insulated. The insulation used protects everything around it. The outside of the fireplace stays cool. Protective insulation allows you to install the fireplace anywhere. You won’t have to worry that it may cause damage or combust. The sheetrock, wood, paneling, and walls will all be safe. a

Since a Zero-Clearance Fireplace is a firebox that comes completely premanufactured, they are self-contained units that you can have installed almost anywhere. They can be installed in areas that you usually wouldn’t find a fireplace. They come in different sizes and shapes and can be custom-designed to fit in the most unique areas of your home. Think plant shed, man cave, enclosed porch, or patio area.

What are the Benefits of a Zero-Clearance Fireplace?

  • No chimney required – A Zero-Clearance fireplace can be vented through the roof or wall.
  • Efficient- With a masonry fireplace there are times that there is a draft letting cool air in. No need to worry about air coming in or leaving the home.
  • Compact- Can be installed anywhere. You can decide where to put the fireplace. Since it is self-contained the options are limitless. Any room and even on an upper floor.
  • Affordability- The zero-clearance fireplace tends to be less expensive. Once installed, you may only need an annual inspection and a sweep.
  • Low maintenance- No chimney maintenance needed as there is no chimney.  No issues with masonry to worry about.


Due to the flexibility of installation, you can be creative with the design. There are many different materials and designs that are available for use. You can even put a television above the fireplace and not worry about damaging it. The finishing materials are unlimited as well. You can choose from a variety of products to use around the fireplace. The Zero-Clearance Fireplace is self-contained. You can put materials around it and not worry about damage. Materials to choose from might be wood, wallpaper, tile, fabric, glass, and marble. If you desire a particular product, we can arrange for that.

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