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A Working Fireplace Increases The Value Of Your Home

One major piece of the puzzle for accumulating wealth is your home. You certainly don’t want its value to decrease over time. As your most important asset, you want its value to increase. You may not realize it, but appraisers consider the fireplace feature as one which assists in assuring that its value remains high, especially a remodeled fireplace or at least one that is well-maintained.

fireplace cleaning, madison wiTo assure that the value of your home remains high, it is essential that you take steps to assure that your fireplace is well maintained.

The most important factors in the proper maintenance of your fireplace include:

  • Repairing missing mortar and damaged bricks of the chimney.
  • Assuring that a damper plate and frame are included on the chimney.
  • Assuring that there are no issues concerning the construction of the chimney.
  • Removing any signs of deterioration of the exterior of the chimney.

Missing Mortar and Damaged Bricks

A fireplace and chimney that exhibit damaged bricks and is missing mortar between the bricks is certainly unappealing and it could result in a possible burning hazard. Although this may sound like you should prepare for the cost of a major repair should this condition exist, the repair is not as bad as you may think. For example, repairing bricks requires simply the replacement of only the damaged bricks. Fixing damaged mortar is as simple as chiseling out the spoiled elements and refilling it.  Of course, there is the possibility of the worst-case scenario. That is that the firebox may need to be demolished and replaced. However, this extreme form of repair is usually rare.

Assuring That A Damper Plate And Frame Are Included On The Chimney

Over time, the damper plate and its frame could corrode, warp, or become unusable. On rare occasions, the plate and frame may be missing. A fireplace damper is made of cast iron or steel, so it is not unusual for it to corrode when it is exposed to moisture.

A corroded damper should be replaced with a top-sealed one to ensures a tight seal when the fireplace is not in use and the damper is closed. This simple act will save hundreds of dollars on your heating and air conditioning bills because the cool or warm air is kept inside your home. Such a fix will pay for itself in just 2 to 5 years. In addition, some dampers come with a chimney cap that features a spark arrestor and prevents animals from intruding through an open damper.

Assuring Proper Construction Of The Chimney

On very rare occasions a builder may perform some short cuts when constructing a home. One such short cut is involved with the construction of the fireplace. Even if the builder is reputable and did not use short cuts, it’s possible that through wear and tear a well-constructed fireplace and chimney may develop problems over time.

Problems that occur due to a builder’s negligence or wear and tear include a damaged smoke chamber or a flue that needs to be relined. There could be an improperly installed flue or the addition of a second flue due to builder neglect. These problems can be handled without a costly repair.

Removing Signs Of Deterioration

Indications of deterioration of the fireplace and chimney can be the result of a leak and may appear as a wet brick, white mineral stains, rusting of a steel or cast-iron damper, damage to wallpaper or drywall, deterioration of bricks or mortar, or a foul smell. Regular maintenance of the chimney and fireplace will prevent these problems from occurring.

Return On Investment

fireplace install in richland center wiYou may want to consider the addition of a fireplace if your home doesn’t have one. A fireplace in a home that did not originally include one will add additional value. Prospective homeowners covet a fireplace because it adds to the visual appeal of a home and provides a cozy warmness to a living space. According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), more than three-quarters of potential buyers want a home that includes one or more fireplaces.

Although there is a major expense in adding a fireplace in a home that did not originally have one, the desire of prospective buyers to have one in their new home assures a return on investment. In fact, you could recover more than 100 percent of the expense when you sell your home. The National Association of Real Estate Appraisers claims that the addition of a fireplace can increase a home’s resale value by as much as 6% to 12%.

Seek A Reputable Chimney Company To Ensure The Value Of Your Home

Chimney Specialists, Inc., located in Highland, Wisconsin, is a chimney and fireplace maintenance and repair company that will ensure that your fireplace and chimney continues to enhance the value of your home. The company has a knowledgeable and skilled staff of technicians that have the experience to maintain your chimney and fireplace and make any repairs necessary. The company also offers a variety of fireplaces should you wish to add one to your home.

For more information call us toll free at (800) 395-6660 or (608) 929-4887 or visit our website.

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