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With a fire that springs to life in seconds, easily controlled heat and exceptional convenience, gas fireplace inserts are the most popular choice of our customers.  With the perfect balance of simple operation, instant flames, outstanding dependability and reliability, gas fireplace inserts turn a wood burning fireplace into a easy to use heating appliance.  Gas inserts create a realistic looking fire that can easily heat a room or the living area of the home.

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Why not zone heat only those areas that you spend most of your time in?  By using the variable speed fan, convective heat is blown into the room.  These appliances will also provide radiant heat even when the power is out!  Add a multi-function remote control to regulate the flame height, fan speed, accent lights and room temperature and you will experience the ultimate in comfort and convenience.

Direct vent stoves are the most popular type of stove today. A direct vented stove uses a sealed combustion system and a co-axial vent pipe, that is a four inch pipe inside a larger 7" pipe. No air from inside the house is used for combustion. The by-products of combustion leave the appliance on the smaller inside pipe and air for combustion is brought into the unit via the larger pipe. Direct vent appliances can be horizontally vented through a sidewall in your home or vertically through the ceiling and roof. This versatility and flexibility with installations have made direct vented appliances very popular. The realistic looking flames and glowing embers of a gas fire are extremely impressive.

Properly installed and set-up, a direct vent stove should not need much maintenance. We have many customers however, that annually have our service technicians inspect the appliance, clean the inside of the glass and generally check out the system to insure everything is operating correctly. For a reliable and beautiful heat source for your home, check out our showrooms and choose your favorite direct-vent stove for your home.

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