How to Prepare Your Fireplace for Summer
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Preparing Your Fireplace For Summer

Most likely, your fireplace is going to sit unused this summer. Outside of the occasional cool night where you might choose to light a fire, it will act as a focal point within your home decor. This means now is the perfect time to attack your annual fireplace maintenance checklist. To get your fireplace ready for the burning season in the fall and winter, here are tips for preparing your fireplace for summer.

Gas Fireplace Inspection Richland Center, WIPreparing your gas fireplace for summer

Do you have a gas fireplace? First and foremost, turn off the pilot light! This is cost-effective, saving you on your gas bills while your fireplace is not in use. Leaving the pilot light on all summer also allows sulfur to continue to build up on your fireplace glass. When it comes time to clean, this additional layer will make it more challenging to remove.  Additionally, who wants more heat in the already hot summer? A pilot light that remains on all summer will generate heat continuously. While maybe not a lot of extra heat, it’s bound to be unnecessary when the outside temperatures are high.

Preparing your wood-burning fireplace for summer

For those with a wood-burning fireplace, you’ll want to start by removing all the leftover ashes from your many fires this past year. But before you begin, be sure to wear a mask and gloves to protect your lungs and hands. It’s also a good idea to wear safety goggles to protect your eyes. Scoop out the ashes with a shovel first and then remove any remaining debris with a vacuum.

Summer is also the perfect time to find a professional chimney cleaning partner. Many people wait till they want to use their fireplace to call for an inspection and end up on a waiting list. Get ahead of the curve by scheduling your inspection and cleaning now. Someone from Chimney Specialists will come to inspect all the parts of your fireplace and chimney, cleaning and preparing for when you’re ready to use it again.

Pellet Stoves, Wood Stoves, Fireplace Glass

If you have a wood stove, this is the time to inspect it inside and out. Check the door gaskets: if they aren’t tight, they’ll need to be replaced. Look at where your stove pipe connects to your chimney and ensure that everything is still in good working order. If you notice any corrosion, this will need replacing as well.

Those with pellet stoves should make sure that all ashes are removed from the burn chamber, making sure to wear heat-resistant gloves during this step. After the stove has completely cooled, the glass should be cleaned with a soft cloth and a glass cleaner that is specially made for wood and pellet stoves.

Your gas stove will not have ash to clean up of course but you are going to want to clean the glass on it as well. Make sure the gas valve is off first. Once the glass is cool, you can carefully remove the glass, laying it on a soft surface for protection. Use a cleaner designed for fireplace glass and a soft cloth. Once it is clean and dry, reassemble the face.

Fireplace inspection and cleaning Platteville, WISummer is the perfect time for a sweep and inspection

Wisconsin weather can be as unpredictable as the stock market. We know there’s the off chance you’ll want to use your fireplace once or twice this summer, and will definitely want to have it up and going this winter. Keep your family safe by scheduling a sweep and inspection during the summer off-season. Our team will make certain that your flue, brick and mortar, crown, cap, and more are in peak operational condition before you light your next fire. Contact Chimney Specialists, Inc to schedule your appointment today by calling (608) 929-4887 or by filling out our contact form.

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