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Protect Your Chimney with Spray-On Water Repellant

Is your chimney showing signs of age? Are small cracks beginning to appear? Are you worried that the damage will worsen? A great solution to this problem for many homeowners is to have the chimney professionally coated with a water repellant that prevents water from entering any broken spaces.

Why is water bad for chimneys?

How Snow Can Affect ChimneyOne word that perfectly describes Wisconsin winters is “cold.” Two words describe the winter months even better: “very cold.” When rain water or melting ice or snow get into cracks in the chimney’s masonry, the next time the temperature drops into freezing, the moisture in the cracks will freeze and expand, leading to more and more structural damage.

It doesn’t take a very big crack to let in enough water to begin breaking open sections within the masonry. Over time, this can allow water into the interior structure of the chimney, where it will cause further erosion and damage. Additionally, compromised bricks and mortar eventually can pose a safety hazard should chimney materials begin to dislodge and fall apart.

Chimney water repellant can help

When properly applied, spray-on chimney water repellant will do a great job in sealing small cracks in the masonry from infiltrating water. In cases where damage is minor, this sealant is all you need to keep your chimney running safely for an extended period. If masonry damage is moderate or severe, some repair work may be required before applying the coating.

Water repellant products are either water-based or solvent-based. Both have the advantage of creating a waterproof seal that keeps out 99.9% of any water while being able to “breathe” and release water vapors that would otherwise be trapped and held in contact with the chimney’s exterior.

Chimney water repellant benefits

  • Prolong the life of your chimney
  • Save on the cost of masonry repairs
  • Coating protects against unsightly water stains
  • Keeps mildew and fungus off your chimney
  • Most repellants are eco-friendly
  • Looks natural – visually you can’t tell the chimney has been sealed
  • 10-year warranties are common when the product is correctly applied

Professional application

When you hire a certified chimney technician to spray coat your chimney, you’re guaranteed of a job done right. The tech likely will recommend a water-based sealant, unless the chimney has been sealed in the past, in which case a solvent-based product is normally used.

After thoroughly cleaning the exterior surface of the chimney, the tech will spray on the prescribed volume of sealant to perform optimally. During this job, the technician can do a detailed inspection of the entire chimney structure to spot damage that needs repair.

Chimney Inspection and CleaningWhile on a chimney-sealing job, your chimney sweep also can perform a thorough cleaning to remove creosote and debris from the flue. Chimney inspections are very important, especially if you have a wood-burning fireplace that produces large amounts of flammable creosote.

As we move into spring and summer, consider having your chimney sealed with a strong water repellant to add years to its life and ensure safe operation. Chimney Specialists of Highland, WI, is standing by to take care of all your chimney and fireplace needs. Schedule an appointment or get your questions answered at
(608) 929-4887.

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