What Causes Chimney Leaks | What Can You Do To Prevent Them
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Reasons Your Chimney Could be Leaking

Water and moisture are a chimney’s worst enemy and a leak in your chimney could mean disaster. As we get further into spring, storms and showers may start to concern chimney owners about the condition of their chimney masonry. What are the common causes of chimney leaks? What do you do if there is a leak present? How can you prevent future leaks from occurring? We’re here to answer all your questions and help keep your chimney system in check!

chimney leaks in Fennimore WIWhat Causes Chimney Leaks?

Damaged Cap or Crown

The crown and cap of your chimney are major moisture blockers. If the chimney cap is rusted or missing it can allow water to run straight into your chimney interior creating leaks and opening the possibility of mold and mildew growth in your chimney. 

As for your chimney crown, the concrete slab at the top of your chimney, it’s meant to allow water to glide off the chimney and away from your masonry. If there are any cracks in your crown it can allow water to pool creating further damage and allowing water to seep further into the crown along with the rest of your chimney’s masonry.

Moisture in the Masonry

If water is allowed to saturate your masonry, the brick and mortar will begin to crumble over time and create severe damage to the chimney’s structure. Moisture in your spicks can lead to discoloration or spalling and potentially require a partial or complete chimney rebuild in order to save the structure.

Failing Chimney Flashing

Chimney flashing is a durable metal sheet placed at the base of your chimney that protects the area where your roof and chimney meet from pooling water. If the flashing is damaged, missing, or improperly installed it cannot perform the important job of guiding water away from the area. When this happens the water pools and creating a leak between your chimney and roof.

Solving and Preventing Chimney Leaks

Depending on the cause of your chimney leak, there are several ways that an experienced chimney technician can solve your leak. The first step to saving your chimney is to schedule an inspection where your technician can identify the root of the problem.

Repairs or Replacements

If your chimney has a damaged or missing component, such as the cap, crown, or flashing repairs or replacements will need to be made in order to rectify the problem. 

chimney rebuild masonry repairs in Spring Green WI

Masonry Repairs

If your brick and mortar is damaged, your technician will likely suggest a masonry repair such as tuckpointing,  or, if the damage is severe, a partial or total rebuild of the chimney. 

Chimney Waterproofing

The best way to prevent future water damage on your chimney is with a waterproofing sealant designed to repel water from the masonry and protect your chimney. This will help maintain any repairs that have been made and keep your chimney safer from water intrusion throughout the rainy seasons.

Let the Pros Protect Your Chimney

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