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Ways to Refresh Your Fireplace Mantel This Spring

The arrival of an early spring was fraudulently predicted by Punxsutawney Phil on Groundhog’s Day, causing disappointment among the masses. You don’t have to be downcast because of this misguided promise, if you have a fireplace at home. Decorate your mantel to match the delights of the season, and the anticipated blooms of nature will begin before very long.

Spring is Best, According to Science

Fireplace Mantels in Apple Canyon IL

By decorating your mantel for spring, you invite into your home all you love about the scientifically proven best time of year. Spring lifts our hearts because it marks the end of the gloom of winter and for the following reasons, as well:

  • There’s more daylight with opportunities for treasured moments in the sun.
  • Spring is perfect for going out in nature.
  • Beautiful birds in all colors return from their migration south for the winter.
  • Springtime weather is a mood booster, and it sparks our creativity.
  • Crime statistics show that spring is safer than winter; one recent study showed a 27% decrease in robberies after Daylight Saving Time.
  • Baby animals are so adorable, and they’re everywhere!
  • Beautiful buds are all over trees, as leaves come back.
  • You can open your windows.
  • Flowers are in full bloom!

How to Refresh your Fireplace Mantel for Spring

Everything that lifts your heart most in springtime can be on your mantel. For maximum effect, clean your fireplace for the off-seasons. The following are a few ideas and spring-inspired items for your mantel:

  • Place greenery on your mantel; this is a favorite staple for spring decorating. There are many ways to go about it, such as: Plants in pots of your favorite spring shades; add a new-bud type of vine to wind around other mantel components; potted lavender; greenery in an old-fashioned brass watering can; and moss topiaries.
  • In an assortment of sheer bottles and vases, display small branches with green leaves or buds from different trees.
  • Put your favorite spring flowers in a vase and place them on the mantel. If you have a collection of vases in a variety of shapes, put the same type of billowy blooms in each of them and display them all on your mantel.
  • Create a vintage garden-themed mantel display that includes framed botanical posters and spring bulbs in glass jars and pots.
  •  Use your mantel as a showcase of your favorite spring-themed figurines, pieces of art, and family photos.
  • Gather a beautiful collection of vintage country-themed treasures and arrange them on your mantel with greenery, flowers, and/or candles. Place a vintage mirror above the mantel with a spring wreath hanging in the center of it.
  • Need an Updated Mantel?

Fireplace Mantels in Dyersville IATo really enjoy a spring mantel, you may need to first get a new mantel. The chimney experts at Dubuque Fireplace & Patio in Dubuque, Iowa, and sister store Chimney Specialists Inc. in Highland, WI, have the experience and expertise to give you a fireplace remodel, including a beautiful new fireplace surround, complete with the mantel style of your choice. Call or come by one of our stores; contact information is below.

Also, who knows what type of damage may have occurred to your chimney during the winter that is just coming to an end, though not as quickly as predicted by Phil? Fire safety experts recommend getting a chimney inspection every year, and spring is the perfect time. If repairs are needed, you won’t have to rush to get them completed before winter. In spring, it’s                                                                                               much easier than in other seasons to schedule                                                                                    chimney services at times most convenient for you.

Happy spring!

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