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How To Repair a Masonry Chimney

Have you recently noticed that your chimney’s exterior is looking a little worse from the wear? Over time, weather systems can play havoc with it, causing small issues that can quickly escalate into larger problems. Our Chimney Specialists technicians deal with a wide variety of chimney repairs daily. Here are our favorite tips to help you repair your brick chimney.

Damaged Masonry Repair, Platteville WI

Eliminate stains

There are several types of stains you’ll sometimes see on the side of your chimney. If they are white, brown, or green they’re indicative of various levels of water damage. Green is a sign of algae while white typically points to salt deposits from evaporating
water. Brown stains are a telltale sign of severe water damage The solution to eliminating stains is to fix the source of the water. Often, this is a result of moisture build-up within the flue, sometimes from crumbling masonry. So, how do you deal with that?

Repair crumbling masonry

Herein lies the root of the problem: masonry that has deteriorated significantly. While small cracks will eventually lead to larger problems, stains point to a significant problem with your brick-and-mortar. Fix this, and you can eliminate your stains. How do you repair crumbling masonry?

It can range from a process called tuckpointing, which simply means you are removing the crumbly mortar and replacing it with new. It can also involve a process called repointing, which is the complete removal of existing mortar up to and including the surrounding bricks. For smaller water issues, patching the cracks will often do the job and prevent further erosion of your chimney. Applying a waterproof sealant once the repair is finished is always a good choice too.

Dealing with soot

Are you noticing black stains on your chimney? These are different from the other colors we’ve mentioned. Black stains point to soot, which often means that your fireplace has an efficiency issue. Creosote has most likely taken hold inside of your chimney or near the top, and when it rains, the water mixes with it causing these unsightly stains. The solution is an inspection and sweep to remove this buildup. Not only will it help keep these stains at bay, but it will also help keep your home safe as creosote can be a major safety hazard.

Damaged Crown Repair, Middleton WIFixing your crown

Your crown is the concrete “cap” (not to be confused with a chimney cap, however) that sits on top of your masonry. It helps to keep water from running down the side of your brick and seeping into the porous holes within the masonry. Any cracks or gaps in your chimney crown should be fixed immediately using either premixed concrete or mortar.

We’ll help you repair your brick chimney

Of course, it’s always easiest to let the professionals handle any problems you encounter with your brick chimney. They are the experts at inspecting, sweeping, and repairing any damage your chimney may have. Would you like to schedule an appointment for a sweep or inspection with our team? Then contact Chimney Specialists, Inc by giving us a call at (608) 929-4887 or via our
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