Why Chimney Flue Tiles Crack and How To Repair Them
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Why Chimney Flue Tiles Crack and How To Repair Them

Today we’re going to look at two simple questions: why do chimney flue tiles crack and how can you get them fixed? “Wait a minute,” you might be thinking. “What is a chimney flue tile?”

That’s a great follow-up question. Although many homeowners think of the visible brick and mortar as their “chimney”, they’re only partially correct. There is an inner chimney liner called a “flue” that plays just as big of a role in directing smoke and gasses out of your home. Your flue can be made of two different types of materials: steel or clay tile. Clay tiles are especially prone to damage. So revisiting our opening question, let’s go over the basics of why chimney flue tiles crack and then look at how to get them fixed.

Clay Chimney Flue Tile Repair in Middleton WICracked chimney flue tiles

We already mentioned the role your flue plays in the efficient and safe operation of your fireplace and chimney. Brick and mortar are porous materials. They’re prone to water damage via the freeze-and-thaw cycle of the colder winter months.

So, having a flue lining installed helps to protect these surfaces and prolong the life of your chimney. As we also mentioned, there are two main types of chimney flue materials.

Clay tiles are budget friendly and the most common lining choice. Stainless steel flues are less common and more costly but can be a better choice in the long run due to less need for repair. Most newly built homes will automatically have a steel liner installed.

The why and how of cracked tiles

Now, how do these tiles crack? General age and use can wear down the clay tile and lead to cracks and gaps. Uneven heat can also lead to these issues. As your chimney is venting the excess heat, smoke, and gasses from your home, this rapid temperature change can cause cracks in your tile. Moisture can also make its way into unseen cracks and make the problem even worse.

How to fix

So, what is the best option for fixing these tiles? After your Chimney Specialists technician discovers the damage, they will remove the damaged sections. If the damage is contained to just one or two places near the top of the opening, then only this section can be removed and replaced.

However, if the damage is further inside or you want to use this time to upgrade your lining, the entire interior will need removed and replaced with a stainless steel liner.

Stainless Steel Chimney Liner Replacement in Boscobel WIChimney flue tiles crack and we can help you get them fixed

Our CSIA-certified team is trained and well-versed in the detection and repair of cracked chimney flue tiles. Often, an annual chimney inspection will catch the damage before it has had a chance to endanger your family’s comfort and safety.

Cracked flue tiles are a serious safety concern. We want to get you back to safely enjoying the warmth and togetherness a cozy fire can bring.

If you forgot to schedule this year’s appointment or you don’t remember the last time you had a chimney inspection, call the team at Chimney Specialists, Inc by calling (608) 929-4887 or send us a message online!

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