Spice Up Your Home's Fireplace With Fun Fall Decor
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Spice Up Your Fireplace Decor for the Fall

Your fireplace or wood-burning insert is likely the gathering place of your home. It’s the spot where your whole family cuddles around a warm, cozy fire at the end of a long day. It also provides an excellent focal point for beautiful fall-themed decor. Many decorative options range from simple displays to extravagant, HGTV-worthy themes. Read on for our favorite ways to spice up your fireplace for fall.

Fall Fireplace Mantel, Boscobel WIDazzle with some gourd-gess decor

Forgive our pun but gourds make an excellent choice for your fireplace decor this fall. Take a trip to your local farmers market or pumpkin patch. You’ll find a wide array of pumpkins and gourds of all sizes, shapes, and colors. Selectively place these along your mantle or bookend it with a color-coordinated pair. Either way, gourds can act as a subtle way to spice up your fireplace for fall.

Level up the spook-factor

Did you know you can buy fireproof pumpkins and even skulls to be placed directly in the flames of your cozy fire? Imagine the look on your guests’ faces as they walk in for a family get- together and see a Terminator-like face staring back at them from your fireplace. It’s sure to turn a few heads! Of course, if that’s a little too far for you, fireproof pumpkins can accomplish a similar, if less jolting effect.

Mantle Decor, Level 2

So we’ve already mentioned gourds along your mantle. Take that up a notch and let your creativity shine by creating an over-the-top fall display on your mantle. Candles in various shades and heights, leaf garlands, fall figurines, and framed family photos can be arranged in an eye-catching, seasonal display.

Dual purpose decor

A fireplace screen not only looks good in your space, but it also prevents dangerous embers from escaping the firebox. Simply put, adding a fireplace screen ensures safety without sacrificing style whether you have a wood-burning or a gas fireplace. Either way, choose an option that matches your autumn-themed decor or one that will resonate with each season.

Fall Fireplace Decor, Richland Center WIEnlist young family members

There’s not much sweeter than a homemade banner that says, “Welcome Fall!” Even better is the knowledge that it was created with love by your child or another young family member.

They can help decorate even more by cutting out and painting leaves or other fall-themed options like pumpkins, turkeys, and forest animals to hang around the front of your mantle.

What’s that smell?

It’s just burning wood, right? Usually, yes, but for an added element to your fall decor consider adding a scented fire starter. You can find just about any scent you’d like from fresh-cut pine to cinnamon to s’mores. And for the truly adventurous, you can even choose a Kentucky Fried Chicken scented starter. That’s a finger-licking good way to spice up your fireplace for fall (we just don’t recommend you actually taste the KFC-inspired starter)!

Make sure your fireplace is in tip-top shape this fall season Fall decor is one thing. However, safety is another thing altogether. If you can’t remember the last time your fireplace and chimney were inspected, this is your sign to make an appointment. Don’t let all your hard work and beautiful decor go to waste this season. Call Chimney Specialists, Inc at (608) 929-4887 or visit our website to get on our schedule.

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