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Chimney Cleaning & Spring Cleaning Go Together

spring chimney cleaningA thorough housecleaning project may be a lot of work, but the results and benefits are worth it.  To get the most enjoyment out of a good spring cleaning, you can’t leave out the fireplace and chimney.  A beautiful fireplace is always the focal point of a room; and it can become an eyesore if it isn’t given a thorough scrubbing so that it looks good, even in warm seasons.  There is also the potential that a fireplace can become smelly when it gets hot outside, unless a professional chimney sweep removes all of the creosote and soot from the chimney liner.

The definition of a “spring cleaning” is as simple as its implied meaning, which is to give your home a thorough cleaning, particularly after winter is over.  There are many benefits to this common practice in the U.S., including:

  • A clean, clutter-free environment is much less stressful than a disorderly atmosphere.  Less stress is good for your health, considering the fact that stress is associated with many major health problems that land people in the hospital.
  • Completion of a spring cleaning project provides a wonderful sense of accomplishment.
  • You may be able to save a lot of time after getting your home in order, since part of the idea is to have a place for everything and put everything it its place.

You don’t need to worry about whether you get your chimney cleaned before or after you do your part of the spring cleaning because our professional chimney sweeps get the job done right without leaving behind any kind of sooty mess.

For many reasons, spring is actually a great time to schedule your chimney cleaning and inspection in Southwest Wisconsin, Northeast Iowa, and Northwest Illinois, including the following:

  • Midwest winters can be very tough on chimneys.  There could be damage to your chimney or flue liner which didn’t exist before winter started.  For example, if moisture seeped into the exterior masonry, it could have caused flue tiles, bricks, and even stones to crack.  If there is damage, it’s often less expensive to fix the problem sooner rather than later.
  • Creosote is deposited in your chimney lining with every use of your fireplace, though if
    creosote build up

    Creosote Buildup

    you burn clean, there is less to be cleaned.  When it gets hot outside, the deposits in the chimney can emit an unpleasant odor into your home, particularly if there is moisture in the chimney.  A clean fireplace and chimney means a fresher smelling home.

  • The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends an annual chimney cleaning, to ensure the safe use of your fireplace or wood stove.
  • Every fall and winter, we reputable chimney sweeps are often booked solid, as homeowners prepare for the coming cold weather.  You can beat the rush and schedule a time that is most convenient for you by scheduling a spring or summer chimney cleaning.

Your fireplace can be an artistic centerpiece when it’s too warm outside to start a fire, but the luxury of a fireplace in spring and summer begins with cleaning it.  If you live in the tri-state area –from Dubuque, Iowa, to Madison, Wisconsin, to Galena, Illinois and throughout the area – contact our certified chimney sweeps today for chimney cleaning and inspection.  Why put off the pleasures of a clean fireplace?

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