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 Lowest Bidder Chimney Repair

A good way for homeowners with fireplaces to cut overall expenses is by investing in chimney maintenance. Choosing someone for chimney sweep services according to pricing, however, can be a big mistake. The industry is unregulated, which often makes it a magnet for scammers. The lowest rates may be offered by someone with industry equipment but no training or experience. The work performed by chimney sweeps directly affects the safety of your home and family. It’s important to choose chimney sweeps who know what they’re doing. The following are tips to help you choose a reliable chimney company.

Chimney Inspection in Fennimore WICertified Technicians

Certain organizations set standards that can provide assurance about the qualifications of individuals in the chimney industry. Technicians who are NFI-certified, for example, have gone through a formal training process. They have also passed an exam following a three-year validation period with the National Fireplace Institute® (NFI). An NFI certification, among other things, ensures that the individual can professionally plan and install home hearth appliances and venting systems. To operate modern appliances safely and at optimal efficiency, it is essential to have an expert handling planning and installation.

The Company is Equipped for Video Inspections

Special equipment is used for Level 2 chimney inspections that verify the condition of the chimney flue. Two components of the fireplace and chimney system that most affect safety are the firebox and the chimney flue. The firebox can easily be inspected but the chimney liner is mostly hidden from observation. This makes camera inspections essential. If there is the smallest crack in a chimney flue, the safety of your home and family are at risk. Before using the fireplace again, chimney liner repair or replacement is necessary.

Bids Reflect Quality of Products and Services

Chimney Sweep in Boscobel, WIIf you need a new chimney liner, a company may offer a heavily discounted price but it’s important to ask why. It could be that the lowest bidder to perform chimney services plans to install an aluminum liner, which may not meet standards, codes, or manufacturer’s guidelines. Any warranty offered may be meaningless because the product being installed may be all wrong for your hearth appliance and could put you and your family at risk.

Reputable Chimney Sweeps

Check online for evidence that a chimney sweep company is established and has a history of good ratings. Homeowners are often tricked into hiring a faux company with a website that was hurriedly put up but doesn’t even have a valid address. Unscrupulous people sometimes know how to appear legitimate online, though nothing and no one backs up their claims. Be sure to read reviews and investigate before hiring a chimney sweep company. Verify credentials as part of your investigation.

Chimney Sweep Technicians Background-Check Employees

It’s always important to be careful about who you invite into your home. Legitimate chimney sweep companies hire and train technicians that have been carefully background-checked and screened for drugs. It’s safer to hire a company that will send a company employee to you as opposed to a sub-contractor they may not be in a position to vouch for.

Contact Chimney Specialists Inc.

Chimney Specialists Inc. has served homeowners in and around southwest Wisconsin since 1977. The NFI-certified company has been recognized as an “Outstanding Chimney Restoration Company” in the nation on several occasions. We offer top-quality chimney and hearth installation services at competitive prices. See the contact information below and schedule your chimney and hearth services with us today.

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